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Reading Robert Gordon's ' It Came From Memphis', I was idly Googling a guitarist he mentions called Charlie Freeman and found this. For those like me who had no idea, Sam Samudio was the Sam in Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. This track features Mr. Freeman so I listened to it, and thought 'he sounds like Duane Allman'. Charlie is playing , but not the slide (that's Duane Allman, in a a band with Jim Dickinson and some other fine people). It's great ( and the album's on Spotify). But does anyone know any other Charlie Freeman stuff which features him more prominently?


That's some stuff, right there. Like Gravy on the biscuits.


I read that he did some remarkable soloing on Aretha's 'Spirit in the Dark' album. I've only listened to the title track...and it sounds like he's really staying out of her range, but is kind of call and response-ing her. This story reminds me of that legendary Muscle Shoals player who influenced that group early on.

I'd like to know what you find.

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