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Camden Town Pilgrimage (for Clash fans)


In London with the family for a few days, on our way to visit family in Chicago and Ann Arbor. Staying in Camden Town, so this morning we went to the now gentrified market where The Clash were born. They called the space in which they taught Paul to play bass and manager Bernie Rhodes worked them around the clock Rehearsals Rehearsals.


Much of the space is now a Dr. Martens store. Joe Strummer's estate loaned them some material to display.


Directly across the way is the staircase (once metal, now concrete) where they took their iconic first album cover pic, sans drummer as Chimes had left to become an osteopath and Headon had not yet landed the gig.


So I had some fun with my own three absurdly attractive squatters.


I can't believe you didn't name this thread 'London Calling'.

Great atmosphere shots of an iconic location for you. Hope you and yours enjoy this stopover and have a wonderful trip in its entirety.

It's something that many of us enjoy doing- finding these places, chasing shadows, listening for echoes of the people we admire and the works they created.


Cool thread. Love the pic.


So I had some fun with my own three absurdly attractive squatters.

– Strummerson

True Punks!


Okay. I admit that I’m getting old. When I saw Camden Town, my first thought was Bob Cratchit. Your reference is probably cooler.


Good for you, Sir. That's what it's all about. Chasing down a little nostalgia, and enjoying the family. That's as good as it gets. Enjoy.


Cool! I should go there. The Clash were a very important part of my youth and I still think they are one of the best bands ever.


Wow. I used to walk up those steps for meetings with Black Rose as their offices were up there. I never knew they were the same steps! Ah Camden, spent a big part of my London days there...Dingwalls, the Elephants Head, The Monarch, Sounds that Swing Records, Vinyl Experience etc,. Time moves on and it's someone else's stomping ground now. The rockabilly thing was huge there in the 80's, the Camden Workers club was great for watching bands and getting beat up.


Dingwalls! What a scene.


I spent way too many hours in the Elephants Head, happy days.


What a great experience, thanks for sharing some pix!

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