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Calling Paul Pigat…Vancouver Music Venues info


Hey There Paul,

My wife and I will be on Holiday in BC this June. We'll have both a Saturday Night, and then again a Friday Night, in Vancouver to go Clubbing.

Which are the Venues we should check out?

When we get closer maybe you'll know your own Show dates.

We'll have a couple nights in Victoria, too...


Dang we have not heard from him in a while.


When in Victoria, it’s worth a visit to Guitars Plus on Blanshard. Owner Kurt and guitar tech Roland are super friendly and have a passion for guitars of all types. Best of all, they do a ton of consignment business and trades so you never know what you’ll find there. Funky little shop, great people Link

Disclaimer, not an employee of, nor do I have a financial interest in Guitars Plus.


I did Guitars Plus last visit...it was fun. Nice long chat with Kurt...hung out there for an hour.

I'll need to check who's around, I know a few of you live in Victoria/Vancouver area.

I didn't really have time to mingle with other GDPers then...was on a mission.

Kevin is in the Victoria area...who else besides Paul, both Daves, I think Greg moved to France...


I’m sure Wheelgrinder & Windsordave could offer up an idea or two too.


I haven't posted here for about 5 years BUT glad I caught this. :)

Vancouver venues are drying up BUT there's the occasional gem of an evening.

Try the Heatley on Hastings St. Low key bar vibe in a bad part of town. Sometimes has roots bands. If you're a punk or metal guy there's the Astoria across the street but they also have a great monthly soul DJ night. The venerable Railway Club reopened a few years ago and has music Friday/Saturday but quality varies immensely. The Princeton Pub on Powell St. is an oldie as well. For young'uns and good drinks I'd try Guilt & Co. in gastown as you never know who they are hosting-- and no cover! Similarly the Revel Room in gastown has a loyal following. Friday and Saturday they usually do jazz if I recall.

There's bigger venues like the Commodore/Biltmore/the Fox Cinema and the Rickshaw but best to check FB or other event pages to see what's going on.



There must be a local Vancouver Arts and Entertainment weekly paper....anybody got a name for it?

Whatever this place Paul and Greg would occasionally play is still to be learned.


Move your holiday up several months and hop on a plane now! I'm playing tonight at Frankie's Jazz Club..though we aren't really a Jazz Band. The Colorifics.

For some counter culture roots surf, etc. etc. Try the Heritage Grill in New Westminster. The Railway used to be cool but I think it's a little more showcase-y now. Other than that, yes the venues are somewhat drying up.


The Georgia Straight is the alternative entertainment newspaper but it’s basically died since online ads. There is the West Ender as well but not sure what they are doing. You can also check websites like Vancouver is Awesome and see if they list at all.


Hey. Sorry I missed this. Pm me with your dates and I’ll see if anything is happening


Hey There Paul,

We'll be in Vancouver 3 nights Saturday June 13, Sunday June 14, and Friday June 19th.

Victoria on Thursday June 11, and Friday June 12

I'll pm...Thx.


Apologies from me too for being late to the party...just saw this now.

I have indeed moved to France but I come back to Vancouver every couple of months so I can play a show with The Wheelgrinders.

We play, or have played, The Greedy Pig, The Heatley, The Princeton, The Railway, Rickshaw, Fairview Pub, The WISE Hall, Lana Lou’s and The Emerald. All good places to check out that regularly have live music.

We may be playing in Vancouver on Friday June 19th.

For your Sunday night in Vancouver go to the Revel Room in Gastown. A fantastic singer named Kelly Haigh has a Sunday residency and her band is made up of some of Vancouver’s best roots musicians. Kelly and her band always put on one hell of a show. Not to be missed.



EDIT: What part of France did you choose?

– Twangmeisternyc

We’re in the south...about an hour or so from Toulouse. Loving it!


Good for you! I'd probably choose Brittany, most of my French travel has been up North.

Besides who doesn't like wearing a blue and white striped shirt and a beret while having a schooner of fresh Crustaceans and Bi-Valves?

Let me know about your Friday June 19th show date...


Hi there! We came home early from Arizona. We are still in mandatory at home quarantine (ends this Thursday). Greg (Wheelgrinder) mentioned most of the major live music venues. Unfortunately all are currently closed due to covid 19 and social distancing.
I am resuming my weekly lessons with Paul this Wednesday (via Skype for now) so I will keep up on when gigs resume. Hopefully things will be back to normal by the time you plan to be in Vancouver. Keep us posted on your plans. Hopefully we will be able to see each other during your visit.


I will. We'll regroup with the Haida Gwaii/QCL Fishing folks soon enough. Their hoping to keep their Season intact.

My wife and I haven't taken a "nicer" vacation in a long time. All of our Canadian Holidays have been great.

I've been enjoying the Knotty Pine RoundUp a lot, nice addition to my Gretsch World.


Glad you are enjoying the guitar! I also sold the Guild Blues 90 so that left me without anything to play while vacationing in Arizona. I ended up finding and purchasing this G6121 1959 from a Gretsch forum member in Tucson.


Gigs on the BC Coast have become more scarce than genuine Megalodon teeth. Within the space of about a week, I was informed that all entertainment was suspended at 8 different locations on my little "circuit", and it's spread out from there.

I am officially unemployed (and truly- there's no place to play regardless) until at least the middle of June as it sits tonight. Same goes for pretty much every musician I know of at the moment.

Time to clean up and re-arrange the music room!


Well, our Haida Gwaii Fishing adventure has been pushed out into same time 2021, with still an outside chance it can be fit into later Summer. The QCL folks and I have been chatting about crossing the border for a few weeks now. June 21 next US/Canada milestone.

I teased Paul years ago that a "Border Wall" with Canada couldn't keep me out, that would take just a cell phone call while driving along...but, clearly a Pandemic can!

Port Angeles/Victoria Ferry won't operate in June, Victoria Fairmont Empress the same - both cancelled us out with refunds.


Yeah, most all of the bigger hotels in town (Fairmont, Grand Pacific, Ocean Pt, etc) are all essentially running in shutdown mode, at least until the border restrictions open up a tad. There are some staff about, but it's a skeleton crew situation at best.

Prince of Whales has all their craft out of the water still, and the Harbour Ferries are not even in evidence. BLack Ball was talking about late June when I last heard them, Washington State Ferries has gone silent on Sidney-Anacortes....

Yep, we're on an island.


hopefully the clubs will be back running by 2021!!

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