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Cal Collins- Jazz stylings on a 60s 6120


Super playing, super sound, giant bowtie. Cal Collins in 1976-


More here on a full studio album. From the sound of it, I believe this is the 6120 throughout. He has a really nice touch coupled with a febrile imagination. Expect sharp timing, incisive phrasing, harmony in vibrant colour, strong dynamic shading, surprising bends (in a jazz context) yet always consonant with the material.

A strong album from a superb under-the-radar master.


Thanks for posting. Always good to hear a Gretsch in jazz; especially with such tasty playing. Have only heard a couple of songs on the album, but yeah, that's got to be the Gretsch, sounds too clear and woody to be the usual Gibson (not that there's anything wrong with that.) Giant ties were all the rage then, along with poofy shirts, massive lapels and bell bottoms.


cool...cc was solid player..was completely unschooled, but "got it"

indiana born, was ohio based for many years, on the blues on my mind lp ^ you can hear correspondences with george benson of pittsburgh pa..regional influences

here's great (tho non gretsch) clip with the maestro jimmy raney


ps- cal went for more midrangey tone than the average old school jazzer...the gretsch brought that out a bit, but even in raney clip you can hear his much more midrangey tone vs raneys classic darker jazz tone


It's the spirit, the urgency and locomotion that really jump out of these recordings. Almost a gypsy fire to it and the keen tone he favoured is just the right flavour.

The Raney clip is great, a real deep exploration into the tune. Cal even takes a cig break...

You were a great help to me the other day Neatone. Thanks sincerely for the feedback, you told me everything I needed to know.


This thread should settle the argument of whether or not a Gretsch is suitable for jazz. Good listening. Thanks for posting ade.

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