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Buzz Campbell, gretsch artist



I want to give my friend Buzz Campbell some props on a radio show interview he did recently. I think its more of a blog show by well meaning hipsters but they do talk with him and then play several tunes from his new album..

Buzz plays guitar for Lee Rocker of the Stray cats and also leads his own band Hot Rod Lincoln. He is a gretsch sponsored artist that uses a White falcon and setzer Hotrod into my Nocturne atomic brain and Nocturne Blondeshell amp and cab.

The songs on the new album do have the Nocturne pedals on the entire time but the amps are a silverface Super reverb and Deluxe reverb.

In anycase... This man is a few echelons above the average slick rockabilly guitar slinger and because he's such a humble laid back guy I think he doesnt get the props he deserves. take a minute and visit mr Buzz Campbells website if you love rockabilly



I love Buzz. Hes a great picker and fantastic fella. Glad to see that Tavo feels the same and hope a bunch of new folks get to discover a great talent! Go Buzz!!


Indeed, I've had the good fortune to do a show with Buzz and not only is he a brilliant player he's an exceptionally nice guy, too.


Buzz is a cool guy and has been a stalwart of the roots/ rockabilly music scene for more years than many folks know. It's good to see that he's doing well (same goes for the guys above as well).


Saw Buzz in Stockholm when he opened for Straycats. He did it well and then took his time to speak and sign some records for those who wanted. A real nice guy I can say also. Thanks Buzz. Ps There cover of Eddie Cochrans Nervous Breakdown just made my day.

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