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Bucky Pizarelli, Gretsch 7 string player early on


If you dont know Bucky Pizzarelli, one of the first dedicated Gretsch 7 string players beside Van Eps.. you might know his prolific protege son, John Pizarelli. A 7 string Jazz'r and crooner who learned everything from his father. Bucky is 89 this year and played early on w George Barnes and a million others, also was part of the Johnny Carson orchestra. Do yourself a favor and watch these short vids, youre guitar life will be better for it. I'm grateful this was brought to my attention because I happened upon John playing a tune on facebook. I wish I could find more pics of Bucky w the Gretsch

John joins him here

and John just sharing what he does best, youre gonna love this. Its beautiful!


+1 on bucky p

had this album -nirvana- as a kid..what a quartet!..bucky was top nyc session guy

bucky also was on roberta flacks great first lp …with first time ever i saw your face

class player



bucky n barnes-gretsched



Thanks Tavo. Musical bliss!


His recordings with dexter Gordon are fantastic. Definitely worth checking out


Both are great...

Bucky was in the era, John doing his best to keep the genre moving forward.

I have watched a lot of John's videos, a bit more the soloist than his Dad.

If I can find the clip I really, really like I'll put it up...it must be in the center of one of the hour long vids...

It reminded of a tune done by the Steve Morse Trio with Jerry Peek on electic bass. Kind of a synchro/speed challenge note for note with his brother on the double-bass...jaw dropping.

It ain't Rockabilly! LOL.


They both were together on a Rosemary Clooney Jazz record many years ago.

There is also a Paul McCartney Live "Kisses on the Bottom" CD with both in the sessions...as is Bucky.

John does a Jazz radio show, she has been on more than once.

My internet searching for today is over!


Thanks for posting Tavo. Rather than hijack your thread, I'm going to start one and ask for names of jazz players who played Gretsch guitars. Its an area that Gretsch is not really addressing. I know jazz can be played on any type of guitar, but a lot of players would like a modern archtop with a single pickup, maybe even with an X-braced top.


There is a great album of Sal Salvador and Bucky, no Gretsches tho'.


I would like to see more info regarding him on the 7 string Gretsch, supposedly there is footage somewhere when he was on Carson


I think I must once have temporarily "known" about Bucky P's septastringinarianism, but I'd forgotten I'd even forgotten it.

I've had a single Bucky CD since the 80s, which is somehow my pernament favorite jazz album "of all time" (as they say). Probably not one of his major releases, it seems to be a live record of a gig with Zoot Sims. I'm really sensitive to annoying tone and overplaying on tenor sax, and Zoot is just perfect. Bucky's sublime. Wonder if it's the 7-string. I'd never put that particular connection together.

Album's called Send In the Clowns, probably unavailable anywhere, but it's been in the family here so long that it's become practically the meaning of jazz. Seek it out, and I doubt you'd be disappointed.

Supremely tasteful, and the players are all so attuned to each other.

So yeah, Bucky Pizarelli.


One aspect of Bucky's sound that I appreciate is that it has a brighter, more lively tone, not that 'blanket over the amp' sound popular with many guitarists in the jazz community.

Terrific artist - played a style that you could never predict what would come next.


Saw him a couple of times with George Barnes. They were great.


Saw him a couple of times with George Barnes. They were great.

– Billy Zoom

Ya, that's a show I would have loved seeing. George Barnes, now there's a duck knows more than one way to quack. Ever heard Guitar Galaxies ?


How much fun are they having?


Always enjoyed this tune, Bucky and Marty


Didnt John play with Diana Krall? (Krall haters be damned haha)


I wouldn't doubt that there's a recording somewhere. Mostly, Russell Malone and Anthony Wilson on her jazz oriented recordings. I admire all three of these guys.

My memory is not so perfect these days, but I remember Bucky playing a Gibson 335 on the Tonight Show.


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