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Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot 2019 tour


Brian Setzer has announced a 2019 Rockabilly Riot tour and I’m excited to hear that the tour is coming pretty close to me in August.

I saw Lee Rocker back in November and I imagine I’ll be going to this one as well!


I wish the Rev could be on that tour


Somehow I had understood it'd be Stray Cats tour, dating Jun 21. - Aug 31. So now I had to check it. Oh yes, would it be both: Stray Cats and Rockabilly Riot on the same gig, cool!? No, in Finland we seem to get a chance to see the 'Cats only. I just bought the tickets this week, for the July 18th show in Pori! (I was there to see Brian's Rockabilly Riot at the same venue in 2016.)


Stray Cats on TUE 8/6 New York, NY

Rockabilly Riot on SUN 8/11 Selbyville, DE

Stray Cats on THU 8/13 Vienna, VA

Rockabilly Riot on SAT 8/17 Bayfield, WI

Hard working dude.


Got my Tix for the Vegas show 8/30!!!

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