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Brian Setzer playin a vintage L-5/ solo tour 2017 gossip


fun little vid of Setzer kickin it at a music store playing a 41' L-5 once owned by Hank Garland and singin along.


Cool little vid, thanks. I knew Hank in my late teens, lived a couple blocks away from him and his parents house in Titusville,Fl. I was a starving wanna be player, always got invited to stay for dinner by his mom, which I gladly accepted. He had a closet by the front door stacked with every guitar you could think of. Real good chance I plucked that one once, although you'd grimace if you'd a heard it!


"Cmajorseventh when it's raining I don't miss the sun..." Crooon

Fabulous. So casual and relaxed. The papery rasp of a big old archtop.


Thanks for the link. Looks a bit like Brian is metamorphosing into Herb Ellis.


That side room at Carter's had several nice high-end Archtops the day I visited...

Brian's transition, if that is the right word, maybe growth is a better word, from his start until now is really something. Makes you wonder how long it takes him to learn a new song, or work through the arrangements made by his music teacher. Countless difficult pieces of music made to look easy.


Not exactly a new development. :)


Very true, Dr. Very true. Brian's been playing voice leading comp rhythm for a long time.

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