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Brain Teaser Song


The other day, on the way to my office, I was trying to think of a song.

It was a one hit wonder song from the 80s.

Title was two words, something like Eminence Front or Silent Lucidity, but it wasn't by the Who or Queensryche.

I thought of China by Red Rockers but that wasn't it.

I think the video or the song featured creepy clowns or something like them.

Off and on all day I puzzled over what it might have been.

Life Is a Highway by Tom Cochrane popped into my head at one point, but that definitely wasn't it.

Coming home, I remembered the opening of the song featured a two or three note guitar part, followed by a pause, repeated 3 or 4 times before the main song started. Like Da-dit or Da-dit-dit (pause) Da-dit or Da-dit-dit, (pause), etc...

Finally over twelve hours after I first thought about the song, while getting ready for bed, I suddenly shouted out the title and artist.

Can anyone put those clues together and come up with it?


Lunatic Fringe. Red Rockers.


I was humming it in my head as I scrolled down to see Bax got it.


Right title, wrong group name. It was by Red Rider, written by Tom Cochrane, in 1981.

Interestingly I swear I did not know Tom Cochrane was the lead singer of Red Rider until I read it that night on Wikipedia. Life Is A Highway coming to mind while trying to remember Lunatic Fringe was either coincidence (most likely), a forgotten fact that I had previously read or heard and filed away (less likely), a connection between the voice of the singer being the same recognized by my brain (least likely.)

If Matthew Modine, Vision Quest, or wrestling came to mind too that would have been the topper.


Yeah. Red Rider. I once had that Vision Quest soundtrack LP, I'm embarrassed to admit.

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