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Bon anniversaire Maestro


Happy birthday to Django, born this day in 1910. Never gets old.


Great grin! He's making himself smile!


Happy Birthday Django!


Happy Birthday , may I one day play as well as one of your fingers!


In the picture, he's barely holding in his mocking laughter as I'm stumbling through Django's Tiger, just out of shot.


Django really could rock the ascot, couldn't he?

That's a great picture.


I read once that Django was the first person outside the US to compose jazz, once jazz had caught on That should be equally important in recognizing his role in music as his fabulous playing was.


What this birthday party needs is some music Here's the man himself playing a solo which is rated by many Djangophiles as possibly his best ever; try to get your head round the fact that everything after the melody was totally improvised on the spot - it sounds like he spent weeks perfecting it. It's a masterclass in the art of making one idea flow smoothly into the next - the word 'fluent' was invented for things like this. Listen, and marvel at the sound of a genius at the top of his game....

See You In My Dreams


Oh Neil, that really is one of his finest. So compact and confident with lyrical flow, devoid of grandstanding flash, all the technique concealed in the beauty of his lines.

If ever there was a performance to learn from, this is it.


Nobody else can create that mood. Thanks for posting.


Ha! The soundtrack of my youth! My dad was a massive Django and Stefane fan so I heard a lot of this music. This and Louis and Ella.

My Dad's best friend from school had a son who went on to study jazz and plays a little over in Sydney. He called his son Django.

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