Other Players

Bobby Neal


The guitarist for Ricky Nelson during the late 70s until the plane crash. Really good player. Some say he played as well as James Burton. Looks like he has a bullet truss rod Strat rather than playing a Tele. Sounds good though.


Great player. Effortless syncopation in his hybrid picking, crisp phrasing and just enough confident swagger to make it seem like he ain't even trying. So cool.

And that big boy compression of the Dyna Comp is crushing the signal so hard it could squeeze the juice out of a turnip.


I saw Ricky Nelson in Lake Tahoe opening for Jerry Lee Lewis about two months before the crash. I wanted to see Jerry Lee but admittedly had little interest in Ricky. Well, I was wrong; he and his whole band put on a great show. Ricky definitely still had the pull to get some top notch musicians.


By the way, Ricky Nelson has so many great songs and "Fools Rush In" is my favorite from him -


Patrick Woodward on bass, Ricky Intveld on drums, Andy Chapin on piano....they were a really great band! I got Patrick & Ricky the gig with Rick Nelson. I'm still really sad about it.

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