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Billy Joe Shaver


Damn, first Jerry Jeff, now within days, Billy Joe? Damn.


Oh man, that's sad news. The players and songwriters of the 'classic' era of of modern music are all getting up there in years. These are musicians that many of us on the GDP grew up listening to and covering their songs in our bands. It's beginning to be a sad run of losses of these remarkable people. RIP Billy Joe.


If you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and watch Norm MacDonald Has a Show. Billy Joe Shaver is the guest on one episode. I'd never heard of him before, but what a character. RIP.

PS - And watch every other episode. Norm MacDonald's deliberately awkward style might not be for everyone, but I find him hilarious.


What a kick in the gut this is to me. He was the real deal. Damn,RIP.


RIP Billy Joe. Here's a little Georgia On A Fast Train, with son Eddy (who passed away in 2000) on guitar.

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