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Beatbyrd Website - What Happened?


I hope that asking about this is not inappropriate but I used to enjoy Beatbyrd's covers and thought he did a nice job with his web page then one day...gone!

Anyone know what happened?


I think it was an issue with the site's host. I always enjoyed his excellent renditions.


Official answer: I was using Yahoo small business web hosting and got an email notifying me that they were selling this part of their business to another company. It might have been a Yahoo spinoff, but I'm not sure. In any event, I received a later email from the new company with revised terms of service. I was not happy with the new terms and let the website lapse.

The site was up for about 6 years, at a cost of $120/year. It was intended to be 'for fun' and as such, did not generate any income. I did over 110 covers in that time. As I progressed in skill, got more anal about trying to 'get it right', and starting choosing more intricate songs, the time for each cover started increasing dramatically. As my new song output started dropping, the interest in my site started dropping too.

I enjoy fairly good health for my age. In an ironic cosmic joke, my two biggest health issues affect both my singing and ability to play stringed instruments. I have a come and go allergic dermatitis/eczema that is only present on my fingers and palms. The singing issue is due to a combination of smog, smoking, GERD, and apnea. Right now, it's the hands that are the problem.

I am still recording, albeit at a far slower pace, depending on my 2 'friends' cutting me some slack. Sux to get old - never had either problem back when I originally put the site up. Anyway, thanks for your interest. The occasional compliment/criticism that I got for the tunes on the website was a major spark of motivation to keep me trying to improve. You have both now done that for me again. Thanks......

Currently working on Lonesome Loser (Little River Band), Pretty Ballerina (Left Banke), an Elton John song, All Things All At Once (Tired Pony), Old Mexico (Marty Stuart), and We Just Disagree (Dave Mason).


Getting old is far better than the alternative. Keep at it!


Best luck with your troubles B.B. I wasn't aware that your site was down but I've sure enjoyed your music over the last several years.


I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining. It's just a couple of nuisances that come and go. Most of the time it's only one issue at a time, so I can concentrate on the one that's working. Thanks for the well wishes.

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