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Apropos of nothing in particular- this happened.


A certain Ms Swift showed up at the Bluebird in Nashville on the last day of March, and wound up on the mic with Robbie Coltrane (of all the pairings I could have thunk up.... that would not have been one of them!).

So far as it goes, that's not a big deal. But a certain gentlemane whose last name is also Taylor may just sit up and take note of the shiny black guitar Swifty was slinging that Saturday night... live, so to speak.

There's probably a good reason for it, but to me it's a cautionary tale. BTW- nice to see Robbie with one of my personal favorites in his lap..er, on his knee...er... never mind! (And note the picture on the wall in the background.... looks kind Gretschy to me)


And, for those who want more, here's the video. Link


That’s Craig Wiseman with Taylor. He’s been one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville for the last 25 years.

That’s Chet in the background.


I admit I didn’t get the Robbie Coltrane connection, Kevin. But now I certainly do!


I had no idea that both Hagrid and Fleur Delacour were guitarist.

Sorry. I've watched all seven Harry Potter movies with my daughter in the last month or so.

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