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Anyone into Tommy Guerrero?


Been listening to him a lot this week. No GreTscH. Mostly a tele player. Great stuff though. Here's his most recent:


Guess not...

Y'all should check him out.


I like him and he´s a skater god, among the Bones Brigade in the SF Bay Area (you know that, right?)

I sold him a Maestro drum machine some years ago while I was in Palo Alto. Very nice guy.



Guess not...

Y'all should check him out.

– Strummerson

Whoa, Strummer. Thought I' wait to hear the entire thing before commenting.

Never heard of this guy but that was a really great listen. Thanks for sharing. I am now a fan.


Yeah, he's clearly freakishly talented to have this status in competitive skating and also such interesting musical ideas.


Loved him as a skater in my youth, continue to love him as a guitarist today. Caught him live a couple years ago; oddly enough he doesn’t make it this far north very often. His brother’s band opened for him. Tony is a Portland transplant and runs a bakery a few blocks from where I work.

Fellow Bones Brigade riders Ray Barbee and Adrian Demain are both great musicians worth checking out.


I like the sounds and overall vibe.

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