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Rock and Roll Lullaby” - Steve Tyrell, B.J. Thomas with Duane Eddy


One of my facebook friends shared this. It is a reminisce with Steve Tyrell, B.J. Thomas, and features Duane on guitar with some of the original rock and roll folks helping out. There was a cameo shot of a young and handsome Duane Eddy that looked like he had the world by the tail. Duane's playing was as we have come to expect. It was just perfect for the setting.


Thanks Richard. Still a great song made even better with the inclusion of Duane's guitar. I have the album somewhere and it features an amazing array of talent. That song is still the best thing on the album.


Not too many songs come along , that tug on the heart strings like " Rock and Roll Lullaby ! "


I am reminded when I first heard this song, I was crossing the causeway to St Simon's Island Ga, and thought wow that sounds just like Duane, and my second thought was " Well, I was fooled by 'Galveston' and 'Soldier Boy' and a few others, so it must not be him." Imagine my surprise when the DJ said "That was BJ Thomas with a little help from Duane Eddy".


I saw this clip earlier today for the first time. There are no Beach Boys on the track, contrary to rumor. The high male voice is David Sommerville, of The Diamonds...as in Little Darlin’ and The Stroll.

Duane recorded a solo that, unfortunately, wasn't used. It's still a great record, and BJ really sings it so well.


I went to bed last night , thinking but if only Duane , had given the song the complete instrumental treatment Deed ! -- One fine day perhaps !


There were several different mixes of this track but one includes a beautiful opening that is largely a solo by Duane that plays for about 45 seconds before B.J. comes in for his vocal. I can't check at the moment but I think this longer version was the version issued in the UK, or maybe just the UK promo?

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