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Any Tiger Army fans?


I recently started a thread asking if anyone was into the NY Dolls since I never see them come up here, and I was surprised at the number of positive responses. Now I'm wondering if anyone is into Tiger Army? I never see them mentioned around here, and singer/guitarist Nick 13 is endorsed by Gretsch. I saw them and they were awesome, he had all jets and one falcon, all Dyna equipped


Big fan from the start. Through his solo projects, Nick has become more country, less "AFI". More rounded.

Tiger Army never die!


Big fan from the start. Through his solo projects, Nick has become more country, less "AFI". More rounded.

Tiger Army never die!

– Powdog

Its funny you say that, I was just listening to their second album and my friend said it reminded him of AFI haha. I think his solo album and the newest tiger army album are awesome. He uses a lot of different tones too


Fan as well, liked the country solo album too.


You can hear a lot of Davey Havok background vocals on the first few Tiger Army records. Similar sound. They're all friends.

I followed Geoff Kresge from AFI to Tiger Army to Horrorpops. All three bands are a hoot live.


Love their music. I'm bummed I missed their tour up the east coast of Australia earlier this year.


I always liked them. Nick's solo country stuff is good but I had a hard time shaking the style I've always connected with his voice.


I've loved them since I first got into em around 1999. They were a huge influence on my starting up a psychobilly band years later. Loved the solo country album, wish it didn't take him like 10 years to put it out though! I was able to catch them a few times live here on the East Coast, and Nicks tour supporting the country album. First or second time I saw them was with the Nekromantix in a tiny club in Providence. It was amazing. Geoffe's bridge fell off his bass just as they laid into the heavy part of the intro off the first album. Luckily they were able to fix it and finished up the set.

The latest album he put out...is just so so for me. A few stand out tracks. Too much Claviola and Organ too high in the mix for me. If the Claviola were in just one song I think that would've worked a lot better. But that's just my opinion. And not enough harder edged Nick 13 vocals in there, I love his "pretty" voice, but I miss the harder vocals of earlier albums.

Also very bummed I didn't catch them on their last East Coast run. I had bought tickets to JD McPherson already for the same date, and that was a tiny church venue that I didn't want to miss (and glad I didn't, it was amazing). Plus the last few times I saw Tiger Army the stage show was a little boring, nowhere near the energy of the first few times I saw em.



Totally agree about the Claviola. One track would have been plenty. I think they peaked with The Power of Moonlight. Really great mix of songs.


I saw them last October.. Wanda Jackson opened for them. Cool show


I saw them in Philly last summer and was blown away, so tight and I love the variation in the song styles. I happen to love the newest album, V. I feel like the 50s/western influence is pushed right to the front, which I like, but the sound is very far removed from the style of "power of moonlite." I think his cleaner jet tone is more palatable than the high distortion tone


From what I saw, he just used dyna jets through fender "tonemaster" half stacks, which I'm not familiar with, and a handful of boss pedals.


What timing with this Thread,, After all these years of listening to them I finally got around to learning one of their songs this past weekend,Outlaw Heart. It holds up acoustically very well.

Seen them many times in the past and even though I can handle Psychobilly in small increments Tiger Army for some reason has always had their own very distinct sound compared to other bands of that genre. My daughter loves them so that means I also like them, I dont have a choice.


Just played Ghost Tigers Rise on the way in to work. Man that's a good record!

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