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Any Reverend Horton Heat fans?


Just curious if there are any reverend horton heat fans, im obsessed with him at the moment and surprised I don't see his name tossed around here more, or maybe I haven't looked enough... Anyway, just had the chance to see him in Philly on Dec. 8 and, wow! He is incredible, as is his band, and he's an amazingly tight and clean live player, with a killer live sound. I usually stand near the back of the TLA to see bands for the best sound but I was right up front for that show and the sound was just as good, due in no small part to the amp baffle he uses


The Rev!!! My favorite song of his - "Galaxy 500"

"You take dog, I'll take the Galaxy 500..."


Yes!! My current favs are Victory lap/smell of gasoline, and big sky/baddest of the bad, I love the instrumentals that blast right into a song, but at the end they're all good!


This is his one-off TK Smith guitar he was kind enough to let me play, apologies to his tech that had to wipe all the drool off it


The king of writing songs that are catchy, really funny and have great guitar licks.

Low Flying Planes, Galaxy 500, Ain't no Saguaro in Texas, Oh God! Doesn't Work in Vegas.....the list goes on and on.


He's a really nice gent, and if you get him talking guitars, get comfortable.


He's one of the best.

I have his signature guitar, it's my #1.


The best! I try to make every time they roll thru town. And I also always try to be up front.... this was at the whiskey a go go in march


Big fan. His live shows are a treat.

The 'Rev' album got me through difficult times times.


Insanely good and really near the top of the list of Gretsch loyalists-- Sezter, BZ, him, and of course there are some others.

and I have lot of respect for road warriors like him.


Not only am I always amazed at their level of musicianship, but I dig the whole package as well, image, album art etc; there aren't many true performers like the Rev out there these days...


Many Fans Indeed. Myself included....


Absolutely Mason! Can't just post a question like this on a Gretsch forum without finding some Rev fans.We've been here a while and he comes up a bit but thanks for asking


See him EVERY time he comes, standing on the rail. He now poses for photos for me. I'll find one & post tomorrow.


Got to see him have a friendly duel with Brian Setzer (& Orchestra) at Bimbo's in SF in the early '90's when Brian was touring to support the first BSO album. Also at a rockabilly event in the Bay area with X headlining. I think he was the only one to figure out how to get an interesting sound from the early ceramic Filtertrons. Big fun.


as an important a figure as anyone when it comes to the resurgence of "retro" (I'm not using the term rockablilly on purpose!!!) guitar driven music. One heck of a guitar player and a super nice fella


I loved RHH for 12 years, and then our band got to open for them. Jim and Jimbo were just so cool and nice, down to earth... and I found that relieving. He was interested in my guitar because it was a sunburst Gretsch and he was reluctant to put a Sharpie to it, but did. Jimbo liked our band and gave me his number. Just cool as heck. Opening for them was probably the coolest thing I ever did while playing music.  photo ECBF7B15-3954-4453-8185-81749CC9C062-1617-0000013A304BCB15.jpg


I've never gotten to see him live but am going to have to make a point of doing so. I saw he has a couple local shows in January I think, and also in Reading, PA in June.

Edit: those local shows must have the early December show in Philly, he was playing Lancaster a day or two later.


He's great live I've seen him twice. One of favorite guitar players definitely.


I was fortunate to see him in Melbourne during his recent Australian tour. He was great to watch live, and I look forward to him coming back one day.


First saw him in 1987 and that was 30+ shows ago. So yes, HUGE RHH fan!

Liquor in the Front and Full Custom Gospel Sounds are still my favorite two records of his, but there have been plenty of great ones since. REV is right up there!


If you guys can make it to Las Vegas on April 16 they will be playing the rockabilly car show. Always a awesome time and Gretsch is one of the sponsors. So get you car clothes on and i will see ya there.


Well I am grateful that he has been to Perth in Western Australia twice now. Saw him both times and even shook his hand after the second show. My first introduction the RHH was the early compilation CD Holy Roller. That and Liquor in the Front would be my faves. I LOVE stuff like Wiggle Stick, Love Whip and Marijuana.

His voice isn't what it used to be - I guess years of screaming will do that to you. But the guy is a legend. He plays exactly what I needed to hear at the time I first heard him. The world needs people like the Reverend Horton Heat.


Love me some Reverent Horton Heat.

Myself, as a musician who loves learning to copy the licks/riffs of my favorite musicians, I'll have to say, learning Jim Heath's style and songs has taught me a lot... and I really dig that!

It Hurts Your Daddy Bad is still one of my fav's!

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