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An Amazing Thing Happened


I won the Kansas State Championship in Finger Picking Guitar. I am both humbled and most surprised. There were some good pickers on stage this afternoon. My contest tunes were "Ragpickin'" composed by Richard Saslow, and my arrangement of Harold Arlen's "It's Only a Paper Moon."


Wow! That's fabulous, Jim. Hearty congratulations. A state pickers championship is a big deal everywhere. Any chance you'll post video of your winning performance?


Very Big Deal...good for you!

I know you have entered in the past, I think a different category?


That's great and congrats Jim.


Way to go Jim. That's a big accomplishment.


Next up--Winfield?

Way to go! The talent pool here has always impressed me.


Congrats Jim!!! I echo the request for video when you get the chance!


I regret very much that I simply don't have any video recording equipment. And the festival doesn't either, apparently. This is the fourth year I have entered the championships. (I think that's right.) Always have entered the finger picking contest. The other instrumental contests are geared toward bluegrass style pickers; banjo, fiddle, mandolin, and of course flat picking guitar. Although I flirted with bluegrass in my early years, I grew frustrated that I never really quite got the feel for it, and found myself always returning to my first love, finger picking.

Thanks for your kind words. I would really like to take a crack at Winfield some day, perhaps in '19. I have other plans for '18. A couple of other events I'd like to attend someday are the CAAS convention, and of course another GDP round up somewhere.


Great job, Jim. Serious congrats on winning the title.


Congrats on your amazing accomplishment, Jim!


congratulations, Jim !


That is some excellent news, Jim. I would love to hear your playing.


Hearty congrats, Jim! You must have put in some serious work! Nice when someone's hard work results in some serious recognition!


Congrats! I can totally see this. You are a great player.


This is very impressive. Hearty congratulations!


Wow! This is quite an honor and accomplishment! I'm happy to virtually share your victory with you!

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