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A Young Eric Johnson


I enjoy Eric Johnson's guitar playing. I think a lot of us really think of the Ah Music Viacom and after but prior to that he was tearing it up with his act called The Electromagnets. We can see here back in the '70s of the future of instrumental guitar and his bright future. I like Satriani, at least Surfing With The Alien era, Vai not into. But Eric Johnson I think his music is more soulful and organic for lack of better terms than the other guys.

At 15 he did some recordings too but I think this Electromagnets era is where he started to shine and develop into what he became.

I never knew of him until I was watching Austin City Limits and was blown away. Got the vinyl and eventually the CD.


EJ is one of my favorites. Definitely top 5 on my list. He also played guitar for Carole King back in the day. Odd combo.

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