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A lot of Smithereens on the turntable today.


Sad day. I know he had a lot of friends and fans here.


Bummer news. I really liked his band and regret never seeing them live.


Heartbreaking. One of my favorite bands. Pat was a great songwriter, singer, rythm guitar player, frontman and all around interesting character. Saw them almost everytime they came through Philly. IMO, the band's last album, "2011" was as good as anything they had done previously which is a great testament to Pat's ability as a songwriter. One of the unique things about Pat and the Smithereens was they were just regular guys, sort of a "peoples band" who could just kill it on stage with great songs and chops. Rest in Peace brother. You made the world a better place. Wish you were still here.


One of my favorite “e-minor” bands.

Smooth sailing brother.


Being originally from NJ, I have the vibe. He lived the next town over from my ancestral home. Only a Memory would be my favorite song from them. This, an Am song...

They were first known as Rickenbacker loyalists, then at some point they switched their allegiance to Fender.. .


Oh snap, didn't see this and posted about it. What a great band. Pat wrote some awsome songs, could sing really well, and live, the Smithereens reminded you of what the early Who was like, energy-wise.


This is heartbreaking news. Pat was a wonderful talent, both as a performer/singer and, perhaps even more importantly, as a songwriter. I came to enjoy the Smithereens pretty late, having not heard much of them out here on the left coast during the height of their popularity. But, I made up for that by pretty much immersing myself in their music.

I also regret not having had the chance to see them play live. Thankfully, YouTube does allow me to see some of their performances and I can readily understand when people mention the energy of their performances as it is readily apparent in the videos. I can only imagine how it must have felt in person.

One thing that I did like about Pat was the way in which he communicated with people who were his fans. It was not infrequent that, when I would post a comment on the FB page, I would get a response that was obviously from Pat. Bonedaddy also had the opportunity to play with all of them at the annual event that Pat would hold at his house in Scotch Plains. How many rock and roll stars do you know who host a party at their house for fans? Pretty amazing.

R.I.P., Pat.


Wish they had done more music. Sad news. He will be missed.


RIP. I too was late to the Smithereens but very much enjoy their music now. What a loss.


The early sound of the band was pretty unique (for an American band in this era anyway): Rickenbacker guitars through cranked up Marshalls. They eventually moved on to different guitars. Jim Babjak, a Gibson SG and then a butterscotch blonde '52 Tele Reissue and Pat Dinizio various Strats but always had that recognizable "Smithereens" sound. Pat DiNizio was also a Gretsch guy. He had a vintage Tenny ala George Harrison that was used on the EP "Beauty and Sadness" (I think the guitar was stolen shortly thereafter) and a "50's Lime Green Gretsch Hollowbody" that Jim Babjak references in an interview about their recordings in an issue of Guitar World. A great band that produced a lot of really exceptional music.


Pat DiNizio also had an old orange Rancher acoustic which he used in the video "Yesterday Girl." I think that I added it to the database when I learned what the S/N was, but it appears to have been washed away with the big database meltdown.

Here is a photo of Pat playing it on one of his home concert tours:


One of my favorite “e-minor” bands.

Smooth sailing brother.

– Powdog

Eb minor. They tuned down a half a step.

I just about wore my copies of Green Thoughts and Especially For You vinyl through to little vinyl spiral streamers. A breath of fresh air in a radio landscape dominated by Linn drums on one side, and AquaNet on the other.


Sad, indeed. Great writer. Great band. Too soon. Too damn soon.


It's ironic, my daughter (who is 22) texted me last weekend from a used CD shop and asked me out of the blue which Smithreens CD's I would recommend. Had actually made a mental note to myself after that to check up on the band and see if they had anything new recording wise in the pipeline.......and today I hear the news.


RIP. Played "Kiss Your Tears Away" at a bunch of weddings and other gigs back in the 90's.


Such a shame, much too young.

The Smithereens kept real rock and roll alive in the '80's and '90's. RIP Pat.


BRILLIANT BAND! And great voice,,,


Fun little tidbit: Behind the Wall of Sleep was written about my friend and former neighbor. She's on the far left in this old promo shot of her band.


Sad news. What a great band. Just scores of timeless, hook-laden rock n roll tunes. I went through a little Smithereens jag a few months ago after a break-up, because, hey, great break-up songs.

That's when I re-discovered Blue Period. What a great song (among many).

R.I.P. Pat D.

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