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2 concert highlights in Europe: Tommy Emmanuel and John Prine


I just found out that Tommy Emmanuel on the one side and John Prine on the other will come to Europe this year.

The dates for Tommy Emmanuel are already quite near and I am thinking about going to Heerlen, Netherlands on 15th of March. There are more dates in the Netherlands, UK and Scotland. His special guest is JD Simo, which I have already seen with the Don Kelley Band at Robert's Western World in Nashville in 2011. Quite a player as well.

And later this year (August/Spetember) John Prine is doing some selected european dates. He is a great storyteller with a good sense of humour. I most likely will take the travel to Antwerpen for this, as this will be the closest for me (~2 hours). Amsterdam would also be an option.

Not often you get the chance to see something like this over here in Europe, so better take the chance. If anybody is interested, I am happy to meet up.


I’m going see Tommy Emmanuel in Sydney, Australia on 21 April. It will be my first time going to see him and I’m really looking forward to it.


I had front row seats for John Prine at the London Palladium last time he was over.

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