Your Favorite Strat Pickups???


I've played and heard so many that I like, I'll just go with the ones I'm playing with now on my SRV Strat.... Texas Specials.

Proteus' P90 configuration sounds very intriguing though.


+1 on the Nickel Rockers. Sorry for the derail, but Shuggie, have you ever tried Monty's pickups?


– Scorpio

Hi Scorpio

Matt at Monty's is another great pickup maker and his PAF replicas are still my absolute favourites.

All of his pickups are pretty great but purely for pre-CBS Strat tone, I think House Of Tone are the closest I've heard so far. That doesn't mean they're the best Strat pickups per se, but simply closest to what I like.

Having said that, I'm told there's something brewing at Monty's, so keep watching.

I should also give an honourable mention to the relic'd JM Rolph designed Razor pickups that Allparts used to sell a few years back. They were seriously good too.


Thanks Shuggie (and Tonyb).

I've gone ahead and ordered a set of Retro Winds (RWRP) for my MIJ Tele.


Excellent. I'm sure you'll be pleased Scorpio.

Please let us know how they turn out.

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