Yandells tips on pole height?


Hello, im new to Gretsch guitars i just got a 2007 6122-1958. It came with tv jones classics, I read someplace that Paul Yandell suggested making one row of the poles flat and adjusting the other row for string volume. Does anyone know more about this?


If you log onto TV Jones' website to your right, do a search for "DuoTron." This is based on Yandell's ideas. You might also look into local poster Mel Waldorf's "Off Kilter Tron" which is a unique twist on the idea.


Thanks but I was wondering what he said about the 12 pole filtertrons.


Welcome to the forum! I’m not the best informed here but I don’t recall any talk of Yandell making pole height suggestions, but maybe I overlooked that discussion. Forum members here have done all sorts of stuff with poles, including removing half in each pickup.

The main thing about Filtertron pickups is they want to be close to the strings.

And post a pic or two of your guitar!


I'll post some pictures. I've got the bridge set to the tv jones recommendation and my neck set to chets atkins neck about 5.5mm on both sides.. Ill find that post as well and share it


Here is a body shot


Welcome aboard, Aray92. That's a great way to enter into the Gretsch world, your guitar is beautiful, and I'd bet it's a real dream machine. You jumped into Gretsch right at the top, and I don't think you'll be disappointed.


Thanks! Btw I found the little script of what I was talking about but it does not go into detail why

From the chet board "Paul once suggested, on the gretsch 12 pole pickups, to put six of the screws all the way down and adjust string volume with the remaining six. You'd leave the bridgeside poles up and adjustable on the bridge pickup and the fingerboard side poles on the fingerboard pickup adjustable."


Paul was always a tinkerer, and always looking for "that" sound. He reversed the bridge humbucker on his Gibson CG to give it a "bigger note," as he called it.

Incidentally, Paul liked that '58 6122. He talked Gretsch into modifying the neck profile to more closely match the Gibson CG neck, which he liked, the neck profile anyway. Paul always preferred the sound of the Gretsch.

I don't recall him ever talking about adjusting the poles that you mentioned, but it sounds like him to always be trying something. Micah (his son) told me about a vib handle that he made one time out of a turn signal lever. Micah still has it. Paul was a remarkable man. He was a real treasure.


Thanks for the info on the 6122-1958. That cool to know the neck on my guitar is shaped like the gibson cg! Anything incan learn about this model helps, there is not too much info on this guitar. Im thinking about getting the Paul Yandell Duo trons for this guitar


Good to know! Looks like I'll be working on getting the brass one!

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