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Hi everyone, perhaps one of you Gretsch Genius can assist me.

I am re-wiring my 5570 Elliot Easton Pro Jet; it is a really decent piece of wood, and the sound has been okay, but I have come into possession of a set of Duesenberg Grand Vintage HB's (the set they put in their Starplayers). I also have a US Bigsby B7 floating around from years gone by!

I have ordered a new set of Gotoh 501 locking tuners and have a Graphtech 6060 nut that has been sitting there for three years unused! ( I am a hoarder, in case you couldn't tell!)

Anyhoo, I have stripped everything out, got some new 500K CTS pots and have also (wait for it!), got some 3M 1080 vinyl wrap to cover up the not-unpleasant-but-not-my-taste Sparkle Cadillac Green. It went on beautifully and looks great, by the way!

Right! My question, finally! Before I start, I do have my reasons, and like all things guitar, what works for one doesn't always work for another. I would like to think that this idea is not sacrilege!

I want to change the wiring to the following:

Pickup selector and Master Volume as normal; mud switch to a coil selector for the Bridge HB (up is inner coil, middle is full HB and down is outer coil), pickup volumes are now tone controls for each PU.

Does that sound crazy? I am hoping to use my existing parts, but I get the feeling that might not be possible with the mud switch, and that I may need to put in a double pole instead, as it may need bridging.

I will post photos of the vinyl wrapping when I have done the wiring and make it into a build thread!



I’m curious, why don’t you sell that guitar and buy something you want?


He did some coil selecting via switch. Maybe it helps


I’m curious, why don’t you sell that guitar and buy something you want?

– Curt Wilson

First we need pics man

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