Will a vintage cover fit a TVJ Filter?


Guess the title sort of says it all. Just wondering if it's possible.



When I got the 8K pickup for my 61 gent I told Tom I was going to swap covers. He told me not to do it and put on a 'regualr' cover on it for me.

He didn't elaborate why he didn't want me doing this and I didn't ask. It took some doing to reduce the gold glare contrast between the two pickups. Used one of those green scouring pads.

I don't know they'll fit ro not but Jones says not to do it. I don't think he charged me extra for the old style cover


Ah, OK. Maybe he'll chime in here, as well.

I may be getting another 6117, (1960), and will be changing that one to Filters. Was hoping to just get a vintage cover from Black Rider, and fit it on.

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