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Well some of you have seen my cool Korean Epi 6/4 project. Was thinking of upgrading stock Korean tuners to Tone Pros whcih should be a cut above. Stock buckers seem ok but if any one has spex on smooth soundng upgrades that might be an improvement, I am open to suggestions. Also maybe a gen-u-ine Gibson mudbucker is in the cards for this.


My favorite humbucker that is not boutique is the Seymour Duncan Seth Lover. Not muddy. Not too hot so you can hear the amp and pedals.


I came across locally a pair used Gibson '57 Classic and Gibson Seth Lover... from reading, there doesn't seem to be a huge difference between them. Might make a play for those.


I just put a Guild LB-1 in my old 6124. Not too hot, no mid range bump and a nice natural top end. It is a reissue of their old ones; copied so guild claims. The only thing is they are not a drop in replacement for a standard Gibson type humbucker. http://guildguitars.com/a-d...


Further to the above post, I forgot to mention that when Guild was recreating the LB-1 they must have had a set with a weak bridge pickup. They screwed up. The neck PU sounds great and while the bridge PU sounds OK, it is much lower in output. Instead of admitting the mistake and correcting the problem, they are dancing around and not accepting their mistake. I still have high hopes for Guild under the new ownership though; hope they can do it right.


I kid you not, these are CHEAP and GREAT! They have a great chime and clarity to the clean tone, almost like a Filtertron. My buddy Don spent probably $1,000 on all kinds of boutique pickups, and then settled on these, at $70 a pair. I have them in my LP, too.



Another fan of the Duncan Seth Lovers. They came standard in my MIJ ESP/Edwards Les Paul clone and they are much more articulate sounding than most Gibson style 'buckers, even with lots of OD and distortion. Just much more complex tones. I'm not a big Gibby style humbucker fan, but I really like the Seths. They really nail the lower output vintage PAF tone.


I'm a big fan of Dimarzio Super Distortion Humbuckers. My main guitar for 20+ years was a 1980 Conn CSE-35 with them. Loved the sound.


+1 on the Seth Lovers. Really excellent p/us. You can usually find them used at cheaper prices. They are excellent in that not-overwound way ... great clarity and depth. With twang in the middle position. No mud. MD


My choice would be a pair of any one of these 3: Gibson Tribute '59 (my favorite), Pearly Gates, Seth Lovers.


ended up w/ a pair -- Gibson '57 Classic and Seth Lover.

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