Who remembers ‘original’ GFS Nashville Retrotrons?

Not the current humbucker form-factor ceramics, but the narrower ones, when they first came up with them? GFS has them in clearance now - supposedly they found a "box" of them in their stock. I bought a set (price is low enough), but I was curious if anybody knows more about them. Alnico or Ceramic? Nice? Here's the links: http://store.guitarfetish.com/hhrengobrbrn.html http://store.guitarfetish.com/hhrengonepiu.html I know they look like Artecs and also ones by "Eastwood", but Eastwoods are 2-conductor and the seller shamelessly uses "TV" in the title and the wording from GFS's current Nashville descriptions. I am hoping that GFS's are more interesting. Any reviews/comments?
that does help! thanks, i like the tone.
just wondering if anyone else has these?
I got the Brooklyn Retro, not in anything yet.
Brooklyns, aren't those single-coils (dyna-style)?
I have a pair of old GFS Nashvilles I retrofit into an Artcore AK85. They have a nice bright punchy sound in that guitar that sounds great. I have a hard time with hollow archtops keeping the clean sound bright enough, especially with a humbucker. My theory is that maybe the pickup vibrates more and that causes the higher frequecies to cancel out. I think these pickups were supposed to be a Filtertron in overall design but of course they sound a bit different.
They look like the Nashvilles...don't really know what they sound like yet. I was supposed to put this in a cigar box guitar, but I think it's too much for it, so I'm making the pickup myself.
How about "original" Retrotron New Yorks? Anybody's got thoughts/pics on those?
i can vouch for the fist gen. new yorks,indeed they are the cats meow!I think it was a mistake to chande them..... but hey?, not my bussiness.can't forsee ANY reason to take them out of my bird jr. for ANY THING!
cyclop, are the newer ones not so good?
the " newer" ones are like the 2k's more like p-90's not that teir bad,just not the same thing. the balance of the old ones are just amazing! i still smile when i get around to struming that guitar.....
I also just ordered a pair of "original" (mini-hum format) Retrotron Memphises. supposed to be alnico 2. i just figured: "what the heck". never know what b-stock steal or "pawnshop resque" might happen ;) I know I dig my "current" (humbucker format) Memphises - they're exactly what I wanted - jangly - they can be like setzer-rockabilly or beatle-jangle depending on amp setting. there's still a few gen-1 New Yorks out there. I was tempted, but decided not to. too much trouble mounting (i think).

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