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Hi there I have two Gretsch guitars. A 1962 6120 and a recently bought 2004 Duo Jet. The latter sounds kind of terrible and I have read that some of 2004 models could have pre Fender pickups. I thinks this may be the case because especially the bridge sounds very harsh and kind of cheap. The Duo Jet is very, very good in terms of everything else and just about my favorite guitar to play without plugging it in so my question is: Which TV Jones pickup constallation would you choose if you wanted to use the Duo Jet as an allround guitar, not just rockabilly or Beatles but as a jack of all trades guitar, like a cross between a tele and a Casino or Jazzmaster. I like my old 62 Filtertrons but they have higher output than the Classic TV Jones, mine is about 7.2 and the Classic only 4.8 so maybe the Classic + is a better choice but I don't know. Also would you get waxed ones, the Duo Jet doesn't really have feedback issues and I find that waxed pickups tend to sound a little dull in comparison but again I don't know. Surely there must be others that use the rather versatile features of the Duo Jet for a wide range of music.

All the best Henrik Krogh


HKC- 2003 was the transition year of Fender's marketing Gretsch guitars, your 2004 Jet should have the better pickups and electronics.


The Classic + will give you a darker sound. If you want Filtertrons like your 6120, you should get the Ray Butts Filtertrons which are unwaxed IIRC. You may also want to try T'Armonds if you want to go for a single coil Dynasonic sound. Or mix them up together.


I have a 2006 Penguin. I didn’t get along with the stock Dynasonic pickups. I opted for a Powertron in a Dnya Mount for the bridge, and a Lollar Goldfoil for the neck.
I love the combo and it is now a very versatile guitar. The Lollar pickup required some modification to the guitar, but very minor mods.


Hi again and thank you for the replies. As for as the Fender takeover in 2003, there a quite a few who have 2004 guitars with pre takeover parts so it's not unthinkable. About versatile, I should have been more specific. I like the old 6120 "tele/P90-ish" twang so that's must and of course it needs to be able to work with overdrive as well. I'm not that enthusiastic about the Dynasonics in terms of versatility and if the Classic+ are darker than "normal" Filtertrons then they won't do either. I am only a little worried that the Classics are too old school but I don't know. How are the Powertrons in terms of clean sounds ala Setzer, I know they are good when overdriven but I need air in the high end.

PS as you can tell I am mostly concerned about the bridge but of course the neck matters too. I just don't use it that much.


7.2K is unusually high for a 62 Filtertron, almost impossibly high really - it almost has to have had a re-wind with smaller wire to get it up there. Have you looked at the pickup to see if there's anything you can see about it that would point in that direction?


I would love a TV Jones Power'Tron in the bridge and a T'Armond in the neck.


Hi again I may remember the ohms wrong, I will measure it asap. I know that the ohms are what is normally considered as perfect and that is apparently not 7....sorry about that. What about those Ray Butts, they seem to be a recent favorite for many players.



If you want humbuckers, try the Classic+ in the bridge, Magnatron in the neck. The Classic+ is a great pickup, plenty of filtertron dna and dark and lovely on tap. The Mag has single coil clarity with some muscle behind it.


Have you tried adjusting the pickups? Raising them with a foam pad or something and some experimenting with the pole screws can yield massive improvements.


Tom only offers one type of T-Armond.

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