Gretsch Garage Sale

1974 Rickenbacker 4001 Bass


I've finally decided to sell my '74 Rickenbacker 4001. Mapleglo finish. I bought it in 1997. Gigged off and on for a couple of years, did some recording with it, then put it away in a case when I wasn't gigging anymore. It's been in the closet for almost 15 years!!

As far as condition goes it is quite good. Some finish scratches from playing it, but nothing serious. When I bought it the bridge pickup cover and mutes did not come with it, so I don't have them. It does have a hard case.

$1900 shipped in the lower 48. Any place else and I'd have to check shipping costs (since they are getting so crazy!)

I have a few more pictures if anyone has any interest.

Thanks for checking it out!


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