Which pickups to buy?


Anyone know which pickups would sound best in a solid body projet? I'm replacing my blacktop filtertrons because they're too bright and it only emphasizes one string at once. Does anyone know what a good combo would be to make it slightly warmer, with better string to string tone, but doesn't lose its "gretschiness"? I play a lot of rock and blues


After listening to Macs new TVJones T90's that would be my choice....simply badass!


I like the 2 mentioned above but also recommend the Deymour Duncan Pearly Gates.


I meant "Seymour" .........old version of IE here at work and cannot correct previous posts


If you want a more classic humbucker sound, but you still have some string-to-string clarity, get Seymour Duncan Antiquity humbuckers.

They are wound and manufactured like the original PAF Gibson humbuckers, and are NOT wax-potted. They are distressed to look like a 50+ year-old humbucker, and that is off-putting to some. If so, get the SD Seth Lover humbuckers, which are made just like the Antiquity HBs, but are not aged.

The Seth Lovers would be like going back to 1958 to buy a set of PAF humbuckers brand-new.


Another option is TV Jones PowerTrons. I have them in my 2007 ProJet, and they are killer!

Very versatile, they are, if you can imagine Gretsch highs and lows with PAF mids. They are great clean and dirty, and they have good clarity between strings.


I am a tv jones dealer and can get you pickups if interested let me know


Can someone tell me the difference between the tv jones and the blacktop filtertrons? I'm wondering if they're worth the money or not

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