which is brighter..


A TVJones Classic Plus bridge pickup or a Gretsch HS filtertron neck pickup. I have both but I know the classic plus is supposed to be boosted in the mids. I like my bridge pickup to be bright, and on the country club I have the bridge pickup is already less bright as it is farther from the bridge because of the string mute Anybody compared these two . It'd be nice to try a normal classic in the bridge but there's no takers on trades) I guess I could put a 1 meg volume pot on the Bridge pickup volume.


Well I did discover that if you short out one coil of a classic you have something remarkably like a hilotron (single coil and about 3.8k) Hooked it up to one side of the kill switch and flipped the pickup so the single coil poles are on the bridge side.



First off- saw the pictures of the Country Club and it's a great looking guitar with the fabulous new Hunter Green coat. Really nice job throughout.

I think you're probably right where you need to be with the Classic Plus in split mode- the single coil mode is just about strong enough to hold its own against the neck unit. Using the standby switch as the actuator is a nice touch.

One factor about the mute guitars is that you have to accept it as it is. The treble pickup is physically too far away from the bridge to ever achieve a full treble bite. A light output Classic will have something of a bridge/middle combo Strat quack, something stronger will get bold and blousy very quickly with the deeper string amplitude and richer harmonic content- as you have discovered. A single coil like a T-Armond will be more like a macho Strat middle pickup kind of tone.

It's perhaps best to enjoy that distinctive nasal quality as the guitar's unique signature sound. Without physically moving the pickup location (see Jerry Reed's Country Gentleman with the lucite plate between the pickups) you'll be chasing your tail forever if you pursue a 58-61 full treble bridge pickup sound.

Again, great job on the restoration. Enjoy.


I found the Classic plus to be too dark compared with a Classic. Magnatron fixed all that, but I like the idea of a split coil to Hilo sounds.


Nothing but good things to say about the Magnatron- a crisp, bold little firecracker. My favourite of all the Filtertron variations.

Poles are non-adjustable, but some height variation between the two rows can be achieved with imaginative tilting of the pickup mount. Also unsure about four-conductor wire option availability, mine just has two wires.


Thanks very much for the comments on the guitar, the insights and information.

As you say the guitar is what it is and I am not about to start cutting new holes in it..or mounting a rhythm chief on the mute The split coil plus seems to be working good so far, a pair of Hiltrons would be good too, in gold covers I talked to TV Jones and they of course responded quickly and informatively. Nice folks! They also recommended the magnatron which on the demos sounds great. however I use 12-52 strings with a wound G and I always need to raise the G and high E and lower the B to get a balanced sound regardless of the pickup. I tend to avoid pickups with non adjustable pole pieces sadly. Though I did on another members suggestion successfully make compensated blades for supertrons which I quite liked.

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