Miscellaneous Rumbles

Jenna is my little super model


Her smile in that center one bodes great concern for you down the road--she's a heart melter for sure. Beautiful Girl, that one. Thanks for letting us see her, Billy.


She sure is a cutie. As the father of a daughter, I recommend a Remington 1100 pump action. Best shotgun out there for intimidating teenage boys.


So very doomed.

What a beautiful little girl. Good luck right around 2025


Lovely! Enjoy every moment you possibly can now. It sure doesn't seem to last very long. Mine gets married in the Spring. Shotgun is great but remember you have to be only about ten feet away for the rock salt to be effective. Might I suggest a fast dog too for the quicker ones?


Great photos, Billy. Enjoy her while she still thinks that you are the greatest man in the world. It never lasts long enough for us dads.


Beautiful shots Billy, you're in trouble!


Beautiful girl (and photos) Billy!!

Having raised 3 girls (+ a guy) I wish you all the best! Enjoy!


Looks like she has a lot of personality!

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