Vintage Filter’Tron depth


Anyone have a genuine '50s Filter'Tron laying about they can measure and let me know the depth of? I assume it to be the same as a TV Classic neck, but could do with confirming if poss.

I only have ones that are mounted in guitars and don't really want to disrupt a guitar if someone already has one out...

Thanks in advance.


Hi Deke,

I have two vintage ones. Measurements slightly vary but it comes close to this:

—>The screws are 28 mm long measured from the top of the head.

—>Without the cover the pick up height is 17.5 mm measured from the bottom of the base plate to the top of the plastic.

—>Including the cover the height is 19.5 mm, from the bottom of the base plate to the top of the cover, not counting the screw heads.


Thanks Dan, very helpful.

Well, it seems by Tom's published spec it's actually the bridge pup that is the same and a vintage one. Didn't expect that...


You're very welcome!
Interesting. I would have expected the neck pick up to be the vintage height as well. But perhaps this way he avoids having to sink the pick up as far in to the body as the vintage ones have to.

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