Very low output P90’s?


What tone characteristics would you expect from a solid body equipped with P90's in the lower 6k output range (both N & B)?


Shoot Lindy Fralin an email. He'll respond personally. He often recommends underwinding them by about -15% for clearer and twangier vintage tone.


Go ahead and laugh, but these are on the lower end of winding resistance, alnico mags, and sound clear and awesome - I have 3 pairs of them in various guitars! http://www.ebay.com/itm/371...


No laughing here, hellbilly. I have bought Rose Pickups and they were dirt cheap but very good. Now there's a thread praising them. I was curious if that was a typo referring to the output on those pups in your link. The neck was higher than the bridge? I digress, my original question is rooted in a guitar that has Tokai P90's with both pickups reading 6.2k on the seller's multimeter. Obviously meters can vary but what it really comes down to is this. Does a P90 with an output considerably lower than that of what is considered a typically under wound P90, in the 7-7.4 k range for example, lose the tone qualities that most are looking for? Mids, raw tones. In other words, does it put it in the range of a Strat or Tele single coil? My guess is it's a question that can only be answered through trial and error.


Razzer, no, doesn't even compare with strat or tele pickups. A P90 that's underwound compared to what Gibson used to wind them to is still very much a P90 - too much magnet in those things to ever really turn wimpy. An underwound P90 has less bass and more treble, and for my ears and hands, more dynamics because it doesn't hit the amp as hard. It's mostly treblier, more open, and that typical upper mid bump sits a little higher in the spectrum.


you'd also have to figure in the type of strings(ie. stainless vs pure nickel, etc) and the pickup height/distance to string...but generally a low k wind will give you a smoother frequency response..low end might be fairly deep, but will be less boomy...mids will be more even with trebles...not scooped

same kind of tricks can be done with changing the bar magnet from A5 to A2 or even ceramic

i like low wind pups, esp for clean playing...tho they have a distinctive raw distorted sound as well


ps- agree with wb ^


I have a -15% underwound Fralin soapbar in raw nickel casing being installed in the neck position of a tele build right now (reclaimed cedar faced with a salvaged tin ceiling tile and a warmoth neck). Hopefully arriving at the end of the month. Will post my impressions.


I have a new Tokai gold top with stock P90s. They measure even lower on the multimeter, less than 6K on both neck and bridge. Walter's assessment is pretty much bang on. Nothing like tele or strat pickups, still beefy, but way less mids. I want to eventually replace these with something more vintage correct, but I'm very content with them in the mean time, they're pretty good.


Built4speed, the guitar in question has Tokai's dropped in it with 6.2k on both bridge and neck.


A low output P90 would probably be something like a Hilotron in terms of sound.


Get some inexpensive ones and unwind them. It takes time, but it isn't difficult.


The P90s in my Korean Epi Sorrento read 5. 5K neck and bridge after I switched the stock A5 magnets to A2. Compared to the DA2000s in my 3140 they are definitely more mid-focused, more muddy when playing chords, and more sensitive to picking dynamics.


A low output P90 would probably be something like a Hilotron in terms of sound.

– guitarcapo

Not at all, actually. It's still about twice as punchy and fat.


Not at all, actually. It's still about twice as punchy and fat.

– WB

Have you played any of the supposedly beefed up HiLos, like the TV-HTs or Super HiLos?

I haven't. But I'm intrigued.


No, I've played and heard plenty of vintage Hilo's. Not my thing.

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