TVJs for G5422TCG


Hey guys, I got referred here from Reddit, not sure if this topic has been covered before so sorry in advance if it has.

I recently upgraded from an Epiphone Dot (which is nice, but it sure ain't no Gretsch) to a G5422TCG and I have a couple of questions.

Does anyone have experience, positive or negative, with putting some TV Jones pups in a G5422?

The stock black-tops are just too low output and lack that edge, volume, and clarity I love about Gretsches. It's a beautiful guitar but it just doesn't shine like my older Electromatic Pro Jet.

I was thinking of getting a TVJ Classic Plus in the bridge and a Super'Tron in the neck. This was recommended to me by someone at TVJ but I am hesitant, as I live in Australia so it's a costly thing to get TVJs shipped out to me.

While I'm here, does anyone have any tips on keeping it in tune? I love Bigsbys as I kind of wrecked my left hand a while back so vibrato is a literal pain, but it seems that every time I think about the Bigsby, the B or G string goes out of tune. I've put some 11s on it but that in and of itself hasn't made a huge difference. Doesn't seem to be a problem on my Jet, strangely.

Anyway, enough rambling. Cheers for reading. Looking forward to geeking out on all things Gretsch with you guys and gals.


TVJones pickups are certainly good and most consider them an upgrade. Have you tried raising the BTFiltertrons? Joe raised mine in my Tim Armstrong model and it came alive. Congrats on your first Gretsch.


Like this...

– Suprdave

Cheers Suprdave, That's pretty much where mine are at height-wise, still I feel like they're just not quite there sonically. I replaced the pups in my Pro Jet with some from GuitarFetish and the difference was night and day, but this one is damn nice and probably the last guitar I'll buy for a decade (touch wood, hoping I don't run into some kind of breakage catastrophe) so I wanna do it right.


Hang around. I'm sure you'll get some great advice from others that have more experience than I do with this. Welcome to the GDP.


Oh no doubt, I can see myself sinking a lot of time into this forum. Pretty sure I'm the only Gretsch guy in my musical circle, to the point where I bought this one to a jam and was met with a lot of 'what on earth is that?' Reactions. All positive though (I hope)


Filtertrons ARE low output. That's their charme and the main reason they keep their clarity.


I just found and posted this video on Friday of a guy who put TV Jones T'Armonds in his 5422. They are single coil but they sound fantastic in the slim hollow body of a 5422.


TVJs are all good. The Supertron neck Classic Plus bridge is a great combo which is standard on the 6122-1959. Hard to go wrong with this combo imo as supported by the fact that TVJ staff recommended it. I don’t have a 5422, but do have a 5122 with Duotrons and suggest you consider these as well.

Just depends on your tastes; the T’Armonds above are cool if you prefer single coils. If I were to go for that sound, I might be tempted to try TVJ Magnatrons. Check out the pickups via the TVJ link on the right side of your screen here.

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