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Hi, thought now would be a good time to introduce myself as a first time Gretsch owner. I bought a 2003 Black Falcon and so far I love it


Welcome aboard, now that is a stunning bird.


They just look so good in black, good luck with it. Seems you have some skill with a camera as well.


Well done and welcome to the club! That's a beautiful guitar.


Welcome! You have excellent taste. I have the same model with Dynas, although I added a Bigsby. I love the look of the Cadillac G tailpiece, but I gotta have some whammy.


Beautiful guitar. Welcome to the GDP and enjoy your time here. Please add that lovely guitar to the database.


Beautiful! I'm kinda fond of Black Birds myself


Nice Axe! Welcome to the GDP!


Beautiful guitar, and welcome to The Club!!


Nice guitar! Welcome to the GDP.


Let me guess? Shot with a rangefinder???


Welcome Siz. You know how to make an entrance!


Welcome to our world. Gorgeous guitar and great entrance!


Thanks for the Welcome !

Guitar was shot with a Fuji XT1, a 200mm lens is the secret to that look. I do a bit of photography as a hobby too.

The bridge pickup seemed quite low (far from the strings) and had much less output than the neck. It was mounted on some small bits of foam which had collapsed. I made some small wooden spacers and set the pickup height as per the TV Jones website and its much better now

How do I add my guitar details to the database ? I had look around but must be missing something.


This is the kind of guy who is not afraid to jump off the high dive into the deep end of the pool.


Gorgeous Black Falcon!


Welcome to the pages, and the bird club. My first Gretsch is a double cut Silver Falcon. You'll love it...Also, I have seen people talk about using mouse pads to make new pickup shims, if you don't like the wood ones you have now. It's something to try if needed. Beautiful photo by the way.


You're off to a good start in the Gretsch world with that beautiful guitar. Congratulations.

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