TV Jones Setzer bridge


Really like the Setzer neck pickup but not a fan of the bridge, for me it’s too lower middley and sounds more like a les Paul than Gretsch. I’ve got them in a streamliner and have only changed the master vol pot to CTS 500k all the other pots are the stock factory ones.

I replaced the Setzer bridge by a hand made one from a local luthier and pickup designer called house of tone and his bridge is a fantastic sounding pickup but judge can’t compete with the Setzer neck in turns of volume.

I thought putting a classic in the bridge to go with the Setzer neck might work but I’ve been told that wouldn’t compete volume wise either. Has anyone tried that combination and is there a noticeable difference time wise between the classic bridge and the Setzer bridge? From what I’ve heard on YouTube there is a difference but it’s not huge.

Someone suggested a T-Armand in the bridge as it’s supposed to be very loud and bright but I’m worried it might be too thin being single coil.

I’m a classic rock player not really rockabilly and borrowed Stevie Young’s Malcolm Young Signature Gretsch which had the perfect tone for me and it’s got a modified TV Jones classic in it but I asked Tom if I could buy one and the answer was no because of a contractual thing with Gretsch.

Anyone got any other suggestions?


How about a TV Jones Classic Plus or even a Power'Tron?

The T'Armond isn't a thin sounding single coil at all. It is about as thick sounding as a good P90 but because it's made with alnico slug magnets it has that Fender like attack and has a bit more even tone overall compared to a P90 with it's accentuated warm mids.


my question is do you have the pickup actually set to the bench mark height of 3/16" from the top of the pickup cover to the bottom of EACH E string. This is a most important starting point for a filtertron pkup regardless of builder. If you dont have this down then every pickup is going to sound wrong.


Yes I had them set to the right levels it was done by a pro luthier. I just found the Setzer bridge had too thick lower mids and didn't excite me. However I do think that TV Jones pickups have some unique mojo when it comes to magnets as they are seriously loud. I've just been checking out the T'Armond sound clips on the site and I really like the sound of it. Thansk for your help guys


Tom has been known to answer the phone, and he's always very helpful in figuring out what you might need.


He replied on email and was great, I am UK based so big time difference

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