TV Jones Ray Butts pickups


Hi, I actually replied to one of Tavo's posts with the same question... I recently installed the Butts pickups in my pre-Fender Brian Setzer Hot Rod... I am having a "hum" problem which only goes away when I touch the volume knob... Is this due to the pickup not being grounded? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.. Thank You~


If you have not done so, you should get in touch with TV Jones. He and his crew are VERY helpful.


Will do, I was just thinking it might have something to do with the installation, I did get it professionally done... Maybe it's the pickups..


Seems like a ground issue...since they are both TV s and you are replacing both of them in a HOT ROD I doubt this is a phase issue.....unless someone screwed up and wound them differently from each other...doubt it highly...if all else fails have someone check that...if that fails send them back.Check the ground connections from the pot to the Bigbsy. You will have to find the ground wire at the pot and follow it to the end of your guitar inside the body. I would solder the pot again..please use the right solder for electronics. You may also have a faulty ground wire in the pickup wiring which would entail returning them. Have someone check that. Good luck...this can be a real killjoy buying these at the hefty little price tag and having this issue pop up.


Does the hum go away when you touch the strings?

Do you have a digital multimeter? Test for continuity between the strings and the output jack ground, between the pickup covers and the output jack ground, the volume knob and the output jack ground

I suspect whoever installed forgot the ground wire to the tailpiece.


yep.. you may have accidently pulled that rinky dinky wire that goes from the back of a pot through to the bridge tailpiece. It could have snapped off or simply slide out of the hole that sits behind the bigsby or tail plate. Its not the pickups. :)


Thank You so much everyone! It has been sitting for awhile, but I'm finally bringing in to my luthier next week when he gets settled in to his new shop. (he had to relocate) I'll mention all the above to him as well. Yes, I was really bummed having this happen, but I'm confident that everything should be fine.... Thanks Again for the input, You guy's are the Best!!

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