TV Jones Powertrons Rule!


I just installed a TV Jones Powertron on an alder solid body project in the bridge position and it is a great pickup! I've read here that some people find them dark sounding but not on this particular solid body. I thought it would be perfect for the guitar and it turns out I like it even more than I thought I would.

It makes me want more guitars with Powertrons in them. They are my new favorite humbucking bridge pickup. I'll have to try a neck position next. In this particular prototype guitar I installed a Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90 which is also a killer pickup. It sounds great by itself and it also blends well with the Powertron. I pretty much knew what to expect from the SD but I was really surprised how much the Powertron knocked me out.

Since most people upgrade to TV Classics and even TV Jones himself says he prefers TV Classics I was wondering if there are others who disagree with the maker of these pickups and carry the Powertron torch also. Do you find them sonically pleasing and versatile? The amped up Filtertron tone hits me in the right spot.

Thanks TV Jones (and Tauna)!


I'm a PowerTron over TV Classics guy too, although I think the SuperTrons are the best of all.


Love them on my Billy Bo - merely like them on the 125th Anni, where they are certainly noticeably darker (or at least have more fat midrange) than Classics.

Somehow on the slab, though, they're perfectly balanced. So I think there may be something to the best-on-thinner-guitars equation.

Agree with DMT that SuperTrons are mighty special.

But I don't know that there's one ideal pickup in all situations. I'm pretty sure it's a matter of finding the ideal pup for each platform.


I just recently picked up a Spectra Sonic without the pickups but I was able to buy the original PowerTrons that were in the Spectra Sonic and now I waiting for the pickup mountinig screws I had to order to install the PowerTrons. I had the 125th Annie w/Powertrons and I was not that crazy about them. I hoping with the thinner body and center block of the Spectra Sonic coupled with a treble bleed on the volume pot will give me more sonic pleasure. It's worth the experiment. I will report back to you.

Oh yea, Hi Proteus. Good to hear your posts again. Are you covering Namm this year?


I keep thinking Powertrons in a LP would be a nice PAF meets Filter matchup, though i cant decide a proper home for them just yet.

I do find Filters almost too craggy and well defined -- bend a sustained note and you have a huge dropout -- so ive pitched to TV Jones about a bladed Powertron concept. Cant say what he told me.


First time I heard Powertrons on PowerJet, I didn't like them much. Then, like Proteus mentioned, on 125th Anniversary, and again I thought the sound was too muddy. Recently I tried G Love Corvette that has them, and finally I really like them! I too think that they are perfect for solid body guitars, and can't wait to install them on my new Corvette!


Powertrons and Powertron Plus pickups are nothing like PAFs at all.


I was thinking about Powertrons in my 5120. Can't seem to find any good sound samples any where, the ones on the TV Jones website are not that great.

Trying too decide between, Classic, Classic+ or Powertrons.



I went through a few TV Jones combinations on my Phoenix before I got what I wanted. Classic, Classic +, and ended up with a P'tron + in the bridge. Really like it- can go from a nice clean sound, through crunch, to really cranked and sound great (to me, at least) all the way.


Love my Powertron bridge paired with Supertron neck!


Got a Powertron bridge in my 6119STV. Can't say I ever really bonded with the guitar and part of the problem is the p'up. It's a little mid-centric, not enough highs and lows. Sorta like the Tube Screamer of p'ups. I think I'd be happier with a Classic or Classic+.

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