TV Jones pickups without a sticker on the back?


Hope someone can shed some light- recently bought a set of TV Jones Classic Plus/neck, but instead of the sticker naming each on the back there are only the words "TV JONES USA" stamped into the metal. Are these legit? I've scoured the web but can't find any info saying they stamp the backs (or did stamp the backs, no idea how old these are).

Thanks in advance for any help. :)


Good for Tom. A sticker is easy to duplicate but stamped steel is much harder to forge. This must be a recent-ish development given all the "psuedo-Trons" out there.


Problem is, if it is real it doesn't say which pickup model it is. E'ed TV but haven't heard back yet...


As noted, I did email Sean, waiting to hear back.



Pic of the front-


That are the newer ones with the universal mounts.Could be, that Tom decided to do them now this way with the engraving.


VH is right, they're the Universal Mount so proprietary to TV Jones. I have to confess I've not looked at the bottom of one for ages (I get them from source so no question over authenticity), so I guess that's how they're coming out now.

Very nice, better than a sticker and more permanent.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated. :)

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