TV Jones pickup question


I just got my Gretsch Black panther back from the luthier yesterday afternoon. I had a TV jones classic in the neck and a classic plus in the bridge. I was curious, when I went from the middle position to the neck there was nearly zero difference in tone. I had to turn the neck volume down so that it would make the bridge dominate a little more in the middle position to get three different tones. This doesn't make sense to me since the classic plus should be overpowering the neck I would think. Does this sound like the luthier put the pickups in the wrong position?


I believe that TV Jones has a different spacing of the poles on his neck pickups and bridge pickups. You might be able to tell that the pickups were inadvertently incorrectly installed by looking to see if the pole pieces line up under the strings. The spacing should be ever so slightly wider at the bridge than at the neck.

Also, I think that there might be a sticker on the back of the pickups which would identify which was the bridge and which was the neck pickup. You could pull one of them out and see.


Do what Ric said. I briefly had this set-up and the classic+ is definitely a darker pickup, but should balance perfectly with the classic.


TV Jones responded to me, you were right about the pole spacing. I checked at lunch and they were lined up. TV jones told me that the neck pickup is likely raised too high and gave me the proper height that the pickup should be at. Thanks again for the info.

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