TV Jones Classic vs Ray Butts


I thought too at first that it was TV Classic, but if you look real close at the pickups you can see they have the "U.S. PAT 2892371" stamping on the pickup covers. TV Classic usually have the "TV Jones" stamping, or am I wrong?

Could it be Ray butts? Or maybe HS Filtertrons? But I don't think HS Filtertrons can sound so good, or maybe they can?

What do you guys think?


Until the VS series was released most Gretsch models that sported stock TV Jones pickups had the PAT no. on the cover. And so had the 6120-1959 versions. You just don't get those if you buy standard aftermarket TVs.

HS Filters can sound very good. (And IMHO I don't think the PUs do sound all that great in the vid, though.)


The TV Classics in my 2007 6120-1959LTV have Pat. Numbers on them.


Side bar question. When installing TV Jones pickups, do people also upgrade the wiring, pots and/or switches? I have a 2015 6120T and have no clue what type of electrics is "under the hood" but being a Pro series I would think it's a non issue.



Yes, for that age guitar it’s a non-issue. Pre-FMIC (‘03) will have had sub-standard wiring & components so would benefit from an upgrade.


Thanks for the info Deke.

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