TV Classic Plus Bridge, Dynasonic Neck on a Duo Jet


I'm thinking about trying a TV Classic Plus in the Dynasonic mount in the bridge position of my Duo Jet and leave the Gretsch Dynasonic in the neck. Has anyone tried this configuration and if you did, how do you like it? I like a little bit of natural overdrive most of the time. The only concern I have is messing up the great sound in the middle position with both pickups on that I currently get with the Dynasonics.


I'm a finger picker ( I use picks) and the middle position on any 2 pickup guitar is more important to me than the bridge alone.

Having said that, the middle position on my 6120 is sweet so maybe the Dyna/Filter combo would be great as well. I think the filter would be a better bridge lead pup.


Another thought.

I also have a 6128TDS and love the middle position. I also have a great telecaster which incorporates a 4th position which puts the neck and bridge in series. In my opinion the best all round position for anything.

I've considered adding a switch to my jet to do the same.


I just remembered Paul Pigat's Syncro-Club has this configuration!

I also just did a search and found this old thread.


This idea to add a Classic Plus to the bridge pickup of my Duo Jet just popped in my brain today. I'm going to contemplate this one for a bit. Please add any suggestions or thoughts one way or the other!


I IM'd TV Jones yesterday through his website and he said there would be no balance or phasing issues with a TV Classic Plus bridge and either a Gretsch Dynasonic or T'Armond neck. I'm thinking I may do it. It's a non-invasive mod. Even though I would be able to switch it back easy enough I'm still debating whether to buy one. I've had this guitar for 5 years now and I love it as it is. The Dynasonics are great pickups and the DSV is an iconic guitar based on the original 1955 Jets. However having a Filter'tron and a Dynasonic in one guitar is like having an all purpose Gretsch!

I really loved the sounds Paul Pigat was getting from his Syncro-Club at the NAMM concert. That must have planted the seed for me.


My favorite pickup combo ive tried is a T'Armond in the neck and Classic in the bridge. I'm going to try a magnatron in the bridge soon. You get the nice compression and sparkle from the classic and low end woody thumpin twang from the T'Armond


Thanks Mac. Your answer brought to the surface the other issue I'm contemplating, whether to order a neck T'Armond while I'm ordering the Classic Plus or play with it for a while with the stock neck Dynasonic.

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