Tonewood amps


This seems like something that might be interesting, anyone have any experience with this? Link


That's actually pretty cool. I don't play enough acoustic guitar to justify buying one, but I'd love to try it out for a day or two


Might be interesting??? That little device, from the myriad of YouTube videos I've just been watching is the most impressive thing I've ever heard for an acoustic guitar!! And it's very reasonable to purchase. I'm going to look into one of these once the final tab is in on my restoration project.

Those reverb effects have a very haunting sound to me. This vid demonstrates it nicely.


I'd have to try one out for awhile. I'm not really on board with gluing a plastic box to the back of my Guild. I'm also not too big on FX, tho this unit may be interesting. I've seen a lot of devices and such come and go over the years. These would have to stand the test of time for me to get involved.


The unit isn't glued to the back of your guitar. It's held on by magnets affixed to the inside of your guitar. It comes with one X-brace for this purpose. You can put one of these braces inside other acoustics as you only have to gently pull the unit off the back and affix it another guitar. One of the videos I watched showed them doing this.....there is nothing left on the outside of the guitar's back when it's removed. If it required you to leave it attached the guitar wouldn't fit in its case, defeating its use.

I hadn't heard about this unit till now but it's been out there for a few years, based on the video. Here's two videos I found informative.


Under $300, damn it all ! Sorely tempted.


I have one of these Boombox vibrating speakers, I have never taken it out of the package. I'm so disappointed in myself that I didn't think of doing this.


I used to busk downtown a bit with the sound-bug. Link

I had two of the old ones which was a bit simpler. plug into guitar, stick the other end to a handy storefront window, chain my other one to the next window and suddenly clean channel amplification! NOTE: try to use stores that are closed,even if entertaining the inside of the restaurant seems to be a great idea, it probably isn't.

The inverse of the original post was an audiophile speaker made years ago. The name escapes me. It used an internal vibration driver on what appeared to be a rectangular box speaker that used a tuned brace guitar top wood complete with decorative soundhole. It was meant to listen to classical guitar music exclusively. The sound AWESOME for that purpose.

It also brings to imagination another trick; attach the driver to another guitar and use it's strings sympathetically like John Paul Jones doubleneck accoustic on Led Zeppelin records.

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