The TV Jones Story- Transform Your Tone” Nice Video!


Here's a cool video about TV Jones that was recently posted on YouTube. Nice, Tom! Enjoy..!


I enjoyed watching this. I have two of his pickups on my bench right now, waiting for another part before installing. I can hardly wait!

I regret that I didn't get to meet and chat with him when he came to the roundup a few years back. Seems like a terrific guy.


I'm convinced that the TV Jones Power'Tron is the best bridge humbucker ever created.


I’ve been friends with Tom since the late 90’s! He’s really just the nicest, most sincere guy around! I’m so happy that his stuff has done so well! I just wish he still lived here in SoCal so I could go hang out at his house again..Really I’m glad he’s doing so great! I remember around ‘99/ 2000 putting up a post here about his stuff as someone wanted to know how they were..

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