The DynaSonic Flip


another perspective...but first, below is my baseline, Played through a blackface Deluxe with a Nocturne Brain, and my Jet has a compensated Aluminum Tru-Arc

I have a silver Jet, 2012 - my base starting point is that I've raised the bridge with TV's shims - lowered the pole pieces (my high E is just under flush and the rest are below that however necessary to balance the sound) - Neck pickup is NOT shimmed, poles are sunk quite a bit - with the low E and G almost bottomed out. The goal was to reduce the boominess as much as possible in the neck and level the volume out between the 2 pickups. You all know the result - but if you haven't done this, the guitar becomes very balanced and playable. The neck is incredibly Woody and airy. Its not a punchy neck for leads - it won't replace your strat, but for what it does, it sounds great. The bridge is balanced pretty good, still a little thin, but not shrill. But VERY twangy (Get your Cliff Gallup ON!) It excels at crystal clean twangy tones. MIDDLE position - this is my favorite - a wonderful mix of the roundness of the neck and the bite of the bridge pickup. Warm, bright all at once...very WIDE sounding with that great sizzle on the top end.

BUT the bridge pickup on it's own doesn't much like any overdrive - and I was curious becuase of this post, so I turned around my bridge pickup (kept the extra shims in place), redialed the mags appropriately. First impression is that is SUBTLE, but it does thicken up the sound and takes a noticable hair off the treble reponse. better for a little overdrive - BUT BUT BUT my twang is severely missing. And that sizzle on the high end too (not shrillnes, but you know how just a pinch of icepick is actually exciting). So I remind myself to EQ the amp - bring up the treble to compensate. Its not bad. Its a good sound, just not twangy (or as twangy) and still no sizzle. But now my middle position is too warm without the brighter bridge in the mix ---- so I change my neck around.

Neck flipped 180 is more focused. Not as woody and airy... more edge to the attack. Kind of like a good tele neck pickup. Its different, but pretty good. I'm used to tele neck pickups.

but my new middle is kind of boring in my opinion. With both pickups not as sonically far apart anymore, the middle position is just ...fine. not exciting though. Not as round on the bottom and it certainly doesn't have any of that great sizzle on the high end. Don't get me wrong - I fiddled with the mag heights, and the treble on the amp - There's plenty of treble fundamentals - the notes come though just fine, but that super higher frequency that makes it scream isn't there because the bridge pickup isn't providing it).

I ended up turning the bridge BACK to normal - got my twang and Gallup back. I like the neck turned around the new way just fine in this arrangement, so I think I'll keep it there for a while!

Of course, this is my opinion based on my equipment and how I play. I all comes down to what you need out of the guitar. Swapping the pickups 180, IMHO makes the guitar more universal and probably covers more ground - or if you like to play leads on the neck and overdrive on the bridge - it's probably a better fit, but if you love clean twangy sounds and live in the middle position for that great wide bell like churp with a little sizzle on the top - you might prefer the stock arrangement (but you HAVE to do the thing where you shim the bridge and drop those magnets on the stock Dynas.) They stock bridge might be a one trick pony, but man, when dialed in just right, eq'ed at the amp - with some dynabrain and slapback and a pinch of spring reverb, it's a killer killer clean sound.

Still, it's been a fun way to spend the afternoon in Quarentine! Nothing better than a guitar on the workbench, good music on the radio, a screwdriver in one hand and a beer in the other.

But it makes me think - occasionally I read a review for T-Armonds complaining that the twang is gone and they liked the clean tone of the stock pickups more. (I'm never played T-Armonds my self). It makes me wonder if they've installed them the way Tom recommends (with the bridge flipped) or did they install them like stock - it's amazing how much it affects the tone, especially if your after maximum clean twang....

one other observation - I have a 6120 with the same stock pickups, and I've done the same treatment of shimming the bridge pup, dropping the magnets... in THAT guitar, they are a differnet animal. The hollowbody guitar isn't near as fussy.


I have done that w/ normal buckers -- there is a difference.


I found luck switching the neck (as you did) but I didn't like switching the bridge. I felt it lost its twang that I LIKED. So I put the bridge back - raised the whole pickup with 2 of TV Jones' pickup risers, and droped the pole pieces down quite a bit to blend in with the neck. I was VERY happy with that sound.

As I was doing that, I already bought TV Dyna's and they eventually arrived. While I was completely happy with the stock pickups after this arrangement - I did put the TV's in and it was EVEN BETTER.



I rotated the bridge pickup on my G6120DSV years ago, as well as shimming the base, and it made the pickup playable as opposed to the ice picky tone in the regular position.

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