T-Armond Question


I just had new T-Armonds installed in my 6120 DSV. Why do the instructions say to install the pickups facing north? The stock Dynas were not this configuration? Is there a reason for this?

Thanks UD (Uncle Don)


I think that’s just a suggestion from Tom as he likes it that way (if I recall correctly). You should do whatever way you like better. I tried it and went back to stock. How do like the sound so far? I like T-Armonds way better than the stock pick ups.



So far I really like these pickups. I'm amazed this is a single coil pickup and it has much more of a fuller sound than the Dynasonics. I really like them and it was a good investment. Very happy with them.

Thanks for your input

UD (Uncle Don)



I switched the bridge pickup to the original configuration. Like I said before I really like these pickups. By the way your guitar looks cool with the white covers.


UD (Uncle Don)

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