Strat sized buckers


There's these little buckers like Duncan rails, etc that fit in a Strat size rout. At that size can they really have big honkin PAF bucker sound or is it just a little more thick sounding than single coil and with no single coil noise/buzz


Well, I don't know that I'd characterize them as "big honkin," but they're more than just a little fatter sounding. I've had stacked 'buckers on several guitars down through the decades, and my experience is that they definitely behave buckerly...but maybe with more focus than spread in the tone, if that makes sense. More like mini-hums, maybe.


I guess they could not sound like a full sized bucker -- still investigating and seeking opinions.


I’ve considered both rails and stacks to fit to my Strat. I like the sound of both, but undecided on bridge or middle position. Still procrastinating !!


There's the Lil'59, I think Iron Maiden uses those.

I once tried a Strat with that pickup with that single wide bar in the middle. That was definately fat.


I put one of those stacked coil Seymore Duncan Humbuckers in a strat bridge, and put in a tap switch. I was fairly pleased with it, but not overwhelmed by its performance. It definitely doesn't compare to a full size bucker, it had slightly more output than a single coil, with a bit richer tone.


Did you try a quarter pounder? They honk.


I've used a lil59, jb Jr, tonezone and DiMarzio pro track. The pro track was my fav of this pack. Lived for a bunch in the bridge of my strat.the Seymour's always seemed a bit muddy and the tone zone too hot. pro track was more clear and defined.


I had an original Jeff Beck humbucker in my old Strat which I bought in the mid 1990s. I'm not sure if the current JB Jr. is the same pickup or not. It had more of a mini humbucker tone.


I have a Fender Dave Murray Strat that has Duncan Hot Rails in the bridge and neck, and a JB Jr in the center. The Hot Rails have less low end that a humbucker because of the narrower field, but damn do they sound good! Really push an amp big time...I get great, singing soloing from them, very humbucker-ish. I didn't get much Strat "quack" from them in the 2 and 4 positions, so I swapped out the JB Jr for a Fender single coil and got a lot more of the Strat glassy tones in the 2 and 4. The Hot Rails are high output...around 16k, but they definitely make that Strat sound a lot fuller and heavier than any of my single coil Strats. I would recommend them.

Oh...and the key to keeping them nice and warm is that the guitar came with 250K pots for those Hot Rails, not 500K like you would normally use on a humbucker.


From my experience even reissue PAFs on Strats sound more like minihums. The scale length and bridge type had something to do with it. That was in an American Deluxe (HSS), the stock Fender bridge pickup was hotter and I didn't care for it at all. I don't know of anyone trying to make a pickup that would emulate PAF for strats (there might be someone out there?); the market is typically geared towards making strat size humbuckers to sound as close to single coils as possible.

One of my favourite new guitar players Mark Speer (Khruangbin) has DiMarzio Cruisers in neck and bridge that BZ recommended above.

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