Strat ‘noiseless’ pickups


I never thought much about strat pickups... they're like the musicaster and duo sonic ones, etc. I thought Tele was cooler because it had two different design pickups instead of same thing in different places.

So there are Stratbuckers, where they have crammed a bucker into that smaller size -- but what of these single coil noiseless ones ... if they are in fact single coil. So they retain the single coil sound and lower output?


I copied this from the Pro Audio website :

"To get right to the meat of it, a Fender noiseless single-coil isn't a single-coil at all, but a rather a humbucker. ... Designed to remove hum and preserve single-coil tone and dynamics, each pickup is tailored to its position (neck, middle and bridge) and uses several types of magnets to achieve its distinct sonic character. Jan 19, 2017"

Here's another explanation :

"Fender Noiseless Pickups. ... A single-coil stack consists of two single-coil pickups stacked on top of each other, compacted to fit into the size of a regular single-coil pickup. This is to be contrasted with a humbucking pickup, which is two single-coils wound side by side".

I have a 2017 American Elite Stratocaster HSS, with the noiseless single coils in the middle and neck positions, as well as the a Shawbucker in the bridge. I find the noiseless pickups to be very nice, they still sound like a Strat pickup should.

The Shawbucker is a remarkable pickup too. It's very well balanced with the single coils, and has that nice spank that you would expect from a Strat.


I had Lace Sensors in a Telecaster and they were pretty silent for a Tele.

Made me wonder if they were single coils at all, but the sure sounded like it.


Hmmm....both of my Mod Shop guitars, strat and telly, have 4th Gen. Noiseless pickups. So thems is humbuckages? Well I’ll be dipped!


Hey this is good info-- thanks guys!


You can look into the dummy coil systems like Suhr uses. The dummy coil picks up the noise, but not the signal. It does change the impedance, seems to lower the volume.

I have the noiseless Tele pickups. I’m not really familiar with other Tele pickups but they do the “out-of-phase” sound I was looking for.

I suggest going to the store and trying a Strat with those pickups.

I went to the store, picked up an American Deluxe Tele that was using them at the time, put it in the middle position, heard the right sound, bought the pickups, waited 10 years...

I’ve read golden ear people can hear the ?scooped mids? inherent in humbuckers.


I've used dual-blade pickups with great success.


I have a tele with Seymour Duncan stacked, and I have a tele with MJS Custom Pickups humcancelling. Both sound like great single coils to me, without all that damn buzzing I got from Fender pickups.

I also have a tele with an Arcane bridge pickup, and another tele with regular MJS Customs. Both have pretty low noise levels for a single coil. Not quite as low as the ones mentioned above, but darn close.


Duncan Vintage Rails for Strat. They work for me. No hum.


I have a 1997 USA Deluxe Strat that has noiseless pickups in it quite well used and gigged guitar. These I think are the first line of noiseless and don't give anything like the sound of the standard Strat pickups, when I had the guitar set up and a new selector switch, tech found that it had a tone pot with a lower than normal value with a resistor on it, some kind of mod, it was taken back to the original spec foe the guitar and sounds pretty good, quite but lacking umph" I believe the latest type are much better when read up in reviews.


When I had my custom Tele built, on Fender's recommendation I had them do it with Noiseless pickups, but I don't find them all that noiseless. Lace Holy Grails that I had in a Strat were much noiselessier. I considered swapping out the ones in my Tele for Bardens, but I had the S-1 switching system put in when I ordered it and I don't want to hack up a custom-made Tele that much. I got used to the noise and try to just never stop playing so I don't hear it.


Eh, noiseless pickups apparently don't work for me. Everytime I play them, someone still hollers "can't you stop that gawdawful noise?"


I'll be the dissident here. Hum doesn't bother me, and noiseless pickup strata just seem like they are missing something. Maybe the more recent versions are better, but I'd prefer 50s or 60s or Rio Grandes.



That new Ultra series Strat has a 6th generation noiseless pickup.


When the first Gold Lace Sensors came out in the 80's I was quite smitten...glad I was able to get this last 1998 model year American-made Strat Plus.

Here is the breakdown of the different generations...

Lace Sensor-Gold

A classic 50's style single coil sound with a glassy bell-like tone. Used on the original Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy signature guitars, Many more top artist all over the world use the Golds.

Lace Sensor-Silver

A fatter 70's single coil sound with slightly increased output and bit more midrange. Suitable for use in all positions. Side note: The Silvers do sound very close to Richie Blackmore's tone while he was with Deep Purple. The Silvers are also a great pickup for modern country or rock players.

NEW! Lace Sensor-Light Blue

Warm Punchy, Jazz Blues neck pickup or Slightly Higher output Bridge Pickup.

NEW! Lace Sensor-Burgundy

Recomended as Bridge pickup for a Slightly Fatter tone, still retains good high's. When used as neck pickup - Warm and Punchy, Smooth Highend. The larger coil wire used on the Burgandy fills the pickup cover to the max. This gives you a warm, fat, P-90-ish type tone, yet it still maintains

Lace Sensor-Blue

50's PAF tone mixed with Single coil tone, warm fat, Story goes once you tried a Blue in the neck, you just may be sold for life... many have claimed just that!

Lace Sensor-Red

The hottest output of our Sensor Series. Perfect for the bridge position when fat, punchy humbucking output is required. Note:Our own Professional Blues playing Lace tech here swears by his 3 Reds in a Strat.

"Hot Gold" Sensor Series

This is a true Single coil and it?s our quiet noise reduced Sensor design! These Lace Sensor Hot Gold's have a full bottom end, more midrange with smoother highs.


+1 on the Lace Sensors. The blue is the best neck pickup I've ever used. I like the red bridge, silver middle and blue neck setup. They are super quite and hot. Still sounds like a Strat too.


Oh and no wolf tones with these. You can set them as close to the strings as you like.

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