Stat pickups? Jazzmaster pickups??


I've l aways love the jangly acoustic sound of a strat. I mean clean, not being SRV or Jimmy Hendrix, but perfectly clean. My friend had an older Jazzmaster that he used to get some lovely recorded sounds out of . Clean as well. However I've always been an archtop guy as they look and feel like a guitar to me. I've always imagined an archtop with strat or jazzmaster pickups. I guess that's why I like hilotrons and to some extant DeArmands too.

I was going to put a set of one or the other on my Yamaha AE1200S which has humbucker routs already. i can make any sort of adapters necessary and there is a lot of room under teh strings as the bridge is about 1 inch high.

Anybody done anything like this?

I'd also be interested on comparisons between jazz master and strat pickups sonically (I know how they're constructed differently)

Also can you adjust the pole pieces of Jazzmaster pickups?? (specifically the new fender pure vintage 65 ones) by pushing them in and out. I know you can do this with start pickups that have the poles/magnets each in their own little sheath but not ones that have the actual windings touching the poles.


Chris Novak is another option. He will make u anything


Whoa! florentine cutaway Gretsch!! is that allowed?? How did you like the results?


Whoa! florentine cutaway Gretsch!! is that allowed?? How did you like the results?

– Toxophilite




– Frank_NH

I guess it is allowed though I was really asking about the pickup results. The florentine cutaway looks like a Grebson


The 6120N. Early '90's IIRC. I liked the idea but the cutaway still is a surprise to the eye. Thinner too.


I realized I'm a single coil guy and wanted to give it a try. It worked well, but not exactly what I was looking for. The pickups were mounted to the body so there was no height adjustment; I had to contour the pickup covers by hand to get the height right. I ended up replacing those pickups with T-Armonds and like the result a lot better. Since then I've bought a Jazzmaster and that is the correct guitar for Jazzmaster pickups. The 6120N is 1.75" thick with a center block.


Cool that you did that. But no height adjustment? Wouldn't one just shim them if needed, like putting on an surfacemount pickups, like DeArmond Dynasonics, or HIlotrons?

How did they compare with the T-armonds? There are some similarities construction wise. Wide flatter coil, magnet polepieces.


You should try this, Toxo, but I have my doubts as to your ultimate satisfaction with the results.

One of my first archtops was a 60s Vox with what looked like a single-coil Melody Maker pickup at the neck, and might have been jangly - if you could get it loud enough without feedback to hear it. VERY anemic, thin, dry...can I think of more words? It sounded like the idea of a guitar distantly recorded with a crystal mic.

Of course that wasn't a Strat or JM pickup, which might be somewhat better. But every time I've heard a skinny single-coil in a full hollow archtop, for some reason it just didn't do.

You have a chance to try it without mod or damage to a guitar, and you should. You could prove conventional wisdom wrong.


This guitar sounds great! Skinny low output single coils in a large archtop. Gretsch has been doing it for years in Anniversaries and San Salvadors too I believe. Jazz master pickups aren't exactly skinny. they're akin to a P90 in bobbin shape but of course the P-90s has steel poles and magnets underneath the bobbin. P-90s are another single coil used a lot on older archtops. And of course Darmonds and Gibsons Staple pickups and charlie christian pickups. Strat pickups and Jazz master pickups aren't that weak.


I wanted to be able to return the guitar to stock without visible holes or routing, so the JM pickups were mounted directly to the top, and not recessed like on a Fender. I made sure the screw holes would be under stock pickup rings in case I wanted to return to Filters. Due to the neck angle on a Gretsch I had to take a lot off the bottom of the neck pickup cover to allow it to fit under the strings. This was about 5 years ago, so I don't remember about the sound.


Oh heck the sound is what I was curious about, I did play a jazzmaster at the local L&M the other day and for fun was comparing it to the electro 2 . Some similarities. A previous day I was comparing a strat to my convertible with hilotrons annd teh electro 2. Both of which sounded Waaaay more midrangey than the strat. It's hard to compare though because all the fender guitars seem to come with 9s on them and they sound as thin as they are. I'm using 12s with a wound G on my guitars.


This may be just what you want. I think Lindy Fralin would make something very similar.


– Don Birchett

I have owned a couple of vintage vibe pick ups Over the years. In my experience although great pick ups, jangly they are not


Aiieeee fender 54 custom shop pickups installed (for testing purposes) in an 1988 Yamaha AE1200S

Frankly it sounds cool . Very clear yet also full, quite acoustic/strat like. I have to tweak the height of the pickups and maybe see if I can move the high E pole a little higher(without totally wrecking the windings...research required) I like the look of the pickups too. I have had the idea in my head for a looonnnng time so it's neat to finally try it out. Now to refine it a bit as to mounting and pickup height.


You might also seek out either an Epiphone Zephyr Blues Deluxe, Peerless Wizard or Carlo Robelli ES-500. They're full-size 17" archtops with three P-90's modelled after the Gibson ES-5 (the Peerless is thinner-bodied) and can replicate a fuller-bodied version of Strat-type sounds, especially clean.


Hmm Well I have this excellent solid top Yamaha that somebody else has already monkeyed with that I bought quite cheap a couple years back,, and I have the strat pickups, So doing it this way is lot less expensive and frankly is fun for me. Those guitars you suggested look cool. I always like the look of the ES-5 except i'm not keen on just having volume knobs for each pickup. An additional guitar isn't in the works for me right now.


I realize I'm having my own thing going on but I got the pickups mounted more practically and tried this guitar out in rehearsal and it sounds beee-u-tiful! Wish I'd tried it years ago. Super clear and clean and pretty as all get out .Like bells, and very articulate with out being clangy. I have to tweak the pickups a bit. Might add some ferrous risers to the high E string poles to get a bit more volume (rather than move the poles and maybe kill the pickup.) Nice to have the lovely clear strat-like sound and not feel like I'm playing a plank ( no offence to you strat players, just a personal preference from starting out with acoustics.) Have the feel of an archtop and most of the sound of a strat. Really shows how much of the sound(I'd say at least 85% if not 90%) of the sound of an electric guitar is the pickups. this is a proper actual solid top full sized archtop and it sounded pretty strat-like. Nice!


It sounds like you have this already in process but I wanted to recommend these Rose Mozart pickups which are Jazzmaster style pickups in a humbucker size. I bet they would sound great in a hollow or semi hollow guitar.


Those look cool. I'm going to enjoy these for a while. Beautiful sound. The only thing I think is goofy about these custom shop 54 pickups is the cloth covered leads. oy yoy you. Good to try to recreate the original but cloth covered wire generally does no-one any favours. Sweet sounding pickups though.


I installed some Rose Mozart pickups in an original design solid body and I really like the way they sound. I think they may sound even better in a hollow body.


Cool! I made some hasty tortoise shell inserts for the humbucker surrounds so the guitar didn't look too frightening. I might eventually make something more moulded and roundy looking. I've always thought humbucker surrounds were too box-like for a big lovely round archtop


Great job on tort surrounds Tox, they look very nice. Much better than a typical bucker thingy!

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